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meray humsafar ‘You didn’t do well with Hala’ Achi News

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meray humsafar ‘You didn’t do well with Hala’

In ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Mere Humsafar’, Hala’s sister MACHIam reminds her father of his injustice.

Farhan Saeed (Hamza), Hania Aamir (Hala), Saba Hameed (Shahjahan), Wasim Abbas, Zoya Nasir, Umar Shehzad (Khurram), Hira Khan (Rumi), Samina Ahmed (Hala’s grandmother) in the drama serial Mere Humsafar. , Ali Khan (Hala’s father) and others playing the lead roles.

In the last 31st episode, it was shown that ‘Hala’s sister MACHIam says, ‘Dead, you have not done well with Hala.’

She says ‘to us you are the best father in the world if the same question is asked to Hala how can you do this to her we lived a good life there in London but how did Hala stay here why did this happen to her. ‘

“MACHIam says that Hala is also your daughter. Go and ask your brother why this is happening in the house with Hala.”

In one scene, it was shown that Hala’s father becomes depressed thinking about what Shahjahan said about Hala.

Do not forget to watch the drama serial ‘Mere Humsafar’ to know whether Hala and Hamza will get rid of their resentment or Hala’s father will take them away.


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