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Palki Sharma: How India has grown into a global power.. Read Journalist Palki Sharma Achi-News

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Palki Sharma: How India has grown into a global power.. Read Journalist Palki Sharma


Achi news desk-

Journalist Palki Sharma stands at the forefront of those rising to the heights of social media fame of late. All of his videos explaining India, Indians (Global Power India) gain tremendous appreciation and get millions of views. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appreciated journalist Palki Sharma for her speech at the Oxford Union.

This is the Kannada Bhavanu of Palki Sharma’s speech which has been getting a lot of shares recently and was appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Kannada feel of Palki Sharma’s speech

“We are discussing India’s route. I quote the White House. If I can tell you in one line, go to New Delhi and see for yourself. I went to Delhi airport recently, there was a lot of traffic. When the car stopped on one side, I saw two traders on the side of the road. One was selling fruit and the other was selling water. What caught my attention was how they were selling rather than what they were selling. Both kept a QR code card. Every customer who came to him used to scan and pay. To me, this is the picture of India today. It depicted 3 main among many development projects.


1. financial inclusion; Both traders have bank accounts linked to their mobile phones.
2. Digital India; 9 years ago it was 15%, now it’s 48%.
3. Airport traffic; There was constant traffic, the number of people going to and from the airport was high. 67 million 9 years ago, now almost double.


To me these events show the way India is going. This meeting is confident that Modi’s India is on the right track. Is the path correct? How do you decide if it’s wrong?

You see a number, survey, information, report, I explain all this. At the same time I will also say something personal, very important.. the experience of living in India today. I have lived in many Indias… Incentive policies, stand-alones early India… Self-doubting India that decided world opinion… Today the whole world comes to India for guidance and inspiration… India priceless… Indians are very happy in India. So they are more confident abroad.


I will also tell you what I saw here at the immigration counter of London Airport. All Indians proudly displayed their passports, there was no hesitation like the last century.. the fear of the immigration officer did not look suspicious. Proud of what we share with the world. Bollywood, masala tea, yoga, cricket… Today India is a giant of soft power. Meanwhile, India is not a democracy that tolerates terrorism and treason. When Pakistani militants attacked Pulwama in Kashmir, India conducted a surgical strike on Balakot. India today is not a tolerant country, but a global power. Today, invasion and colonialism are only part of history, not our identity. We are built by years of failures, unmarked by them. We are excited about the global response, the reason for this confidence is the development in India.

Let me tell you how the country’s welfare system has changed in the last decade… 110 million new cooking gas connections, 470 million bank accounts, 220 million insurance beneficiaries.

Welfare system is not new to India. Been for many years. But what’s new is how you go about it. It’s not about getting more money in people’s pockets, it’s about empowering people. The statistics show the results. India’s per capita income has doubled from â‚ą86,000 in 2014 to â‚ą172,000 now. The main reason for this is the drop in inflation. Over 8% 9 years ago, now almost 6%… That too at a time when global living costs are excessive. Foreign direct investment is very high.

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Foreign trade is very high. Link Development Mantra… I don’t think I need to tell the Brits this. Because the first thing you have planned in your colonies is road and rail connectivity. Our development is a story of two Indias; Urban India, busy urban India and rural India. Today we have tried to connect the two. We are building more than 38 km of highways per day.. This is more than 50% compared to 7 years ago. The number of airports has doubled since 2014. Total port capacity has doubled. This connectivity is what drives India.

Don’t make this mistake in front of the EVM machine!

Let me talk about GST. Our constitution says that India is a union of all states. This is a great contribution to our diversity. It also means more, 28 different economy states, different taxation system, trade policy… But this government has tried to establish a single market of India.. It has taken a lot of time.. but the result is in front of the world
Tax collection is very high. The number of taxpayers has doubled since 2017.

-Palki Sharma

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