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DJs play until midnight ignoring the instructions Achi-News

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DJs play until midnight ignoring the instructions


Achi news desk-
News in the survey These days the noise law is in effect in the city of Balodabazar. People are quite angry with the DJs and bands who play with deafening noise until late at night. Due to the absence of any kind of restriction, DJs continue to play until late at night without any fear. It is worth noting that these days marriages take place on a large scale in cities and villages. The noise of DJ and other musical instruments playing till late night in marriage programs disturbs the people. A DJ produces noise up to 120-130 decibels. It falls under the category of dangerous noise pollution. During this period the vibration in the sound increases. There is no one to control the powerful sound of these DJs and there is no standard either. Sound systems are played up to 140 decibels in parades and processions: it is forbidden to play a DJ after 22:00. Whether it’s weddings or other festive events in the city, DJs play until after 10:00 p.m. Even in wedding processions, sound systems are played at a speed of 120 to 140 decibels. This is also a direct violation of the guidelines. Complaints of this type are common in large-scale wedding halls on the city’s main thoroughfares. Ten times more noise than normal: normal sound to the ears is up to 12 decibels. Noise more than that is very dangerous for the ears. The DJ sound played at weddings is very loud. The great thing is that not one but several speakers are used at the same time. Whereas loud noise can make children deaf and also create behavioral disability problems. According to experts, noise above 80 decibels causes damage to the ears. Whereas at weddings, the sound of a DJ varies between 100 and 150 decibels. This can cause many other problems along with hearing loss. Satish Chandra Srivastava, a senior advocate in Aludbazar, said that the Supreme Court’s order is valid in the entire country, if they are not obeyed then a contempt of court petition can be filed against it. Government agencies can also become parties in this. The in-charge of the Kotwali city police station, Ag ‘Jha said that there was a meeting with the DJ and the band operators in the city. The DJ’s voice should not be more than 60 decibels. If a complaint is received, a case will be registered against the operator. Youth dances to the sounds of Kan Podo DJ at the event.


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