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5 children, including a teacher, died in an accident due to the overtaking of school students in a bus Achi News

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Achi News,

#Palakkar, Kerala: Several school students died in the bus accident. A tourist bus was carrying 42 students and 5 teachers of Basilius School in Vadakkenchery, Kerala. The tourist bus collided with another government bus around 11:30 pm on Wednesday.

Kerala minister Antony Raju said the tourist bus had accelerated to overtake the government bus. After that there is a strong shock. A total of 9 people died. Among them are five students (three girls, two boys), one teacher and three passengers of another bus. There were a total of 81 passengers in the government bus. The bus was traveling from Kottarakkara in Kerala to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

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The minister said that initially it is believed that the accident happened due to the high speed of the tourist bus and the negligence of the driver. Another state minister MB Rajesh went to the hospital to visit the injured. He said that the condition of four people is very serious. But the rest are stable for now. The tourist bus was carrying school children. This tragic end is on the way back.

Another minister Rajan said, how and why the accident happened will be investigated. Investigation will begin. Strict measures should be taken to prevent such incidents in future.

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Rajan said a cabinet meeting would be held to consider compensation for the families who lost loved ones in the accident. And after losing a close friend and a teacher in this tragic incident, the rest of the students need to talk to a psychiatrist for their mental health.

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