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Digital gadgets have taken the new generation away from the newspaperAchi News

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Digital gadgets have taken the new generation away from the newspaper

Newspapers, the first platform for information and education, are losing their relevance with time. Now there are neither newsstands nor newspaper lovers.

Digital gadgets have taken the new generation away from the newspaper. The tragedy of the abandonment of the newspaper is not only with the new generation, but with the change of time, the trend has declined with the generation before them.

There was a time when waking up early in the morning started the day with a newspaper on the breakfast table. But now it is not a habit and there are no newspapers in the homes. The new generation now reads newspaper through digital gadgets.

The city of Lahore which is considered to be the center of educational institutions with civilization. In most places, newspapers hanging on the walls were part of social tradition.

People stop, catch up on the latest news, and move on. Now there are few stands left in the city where newspapers wait for readers all day due to lack of sales.

Marketers are worried and remember only the golden era of the past.

Waseem who is setting up a stall says our stall has been in Lahore for 70 years. Earlier all newspapers were sold, now nobody buys them. Instead, people used to stop and see what news was printed in the newspapers. But now that habit has also disappeared. Nobody has time.

Newspapers are sold on Sundays and the main reason is not reading the newspaper but job advertisements etc. But those who are addicted to reading newspapers are not ready to give it up. Arif and Mushtaq are also part of their lives. In the Jogam Hoti Akhbar Beni tradition, reading newspapers and getting information as a daily habit has been going on for three decades now.

They believe that they get more information from newspapers than from digital gadgets. But times and circumstances have changed a lot.

Experts suggest that along with increasing the habit of reading newspapers in homes and educational institutions, the dying tradition can be kept alive by reducing the rising prices of newspapers.

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