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HomeNationalWhy this brutality against the residents of Ajmer Jatri Bengal? Achi News

Why this brutality against the residents of Ajmer Jatri Bengal? Achi News

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Achi News,

Ahmad Hasan Imran:
Islam came to the land of India or Hindustan about 1000 years ago. Arab traders brought the message of Islam to Chittagong in Kerala and undivided Bengal. The Aryans, however, conquered this country by subduing the original inhabitants of India long before that. However, Kerala and Tamil Nadu were exceptions. The Aryans could not reach the north-eastern part of India either. And most of the Muslims of Bengal are the descendants of Bhumiputras. They accepted Islam because of oppression of upper castes and hope of gaining human dignity. The Muslims of Hindustan enriched India in many ways.

But today, let alone their rights in this land, even their position cannot be accepted by the miscreants with heroic attitude.

And some innocent Muslims of Bengal had to become victims of this. They were on their way to Ajmer Sharif to visit the shrine of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti (RA).

But the Vishwa Hindu Parishad goons targeted those who were going to Ajmer by road by chartering a bus from a district in Bengal.

When these travelers from Ajmi reached Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh i.e. Yogi-Rajya, they were subjected to insults and torture even though they had done no wrong.

Their crime was that these devout Muslims stopped the reserve bus during prayers on the Delhi-Lucknow National Highway on the way to Ajmer and started praying in congregation on one side. They were not causing any inconvenience to traffic or anyone. They were praying to Allah the Creator.

At this time the leaders and workers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Shahjahanpur appeared before them. They started abusing these Ajmer passengers and said that they should be booed by their ears for the crime of offering namaz in public. They also threatened that public prayers will not be allowed here in Uttar Pradesh. Those who pray in the open should go to jail. Passengers of Ajmi coming from Bengal were forced to leave. They were also forced to apologise. And that video is uploaded on social media.

Harassment and humiliation of these Ajmer passengers of Bengal was taken to the extreme. They were forced to apologize on camera. They were then handed over to the police for their heinous crimes. In this regard, Additional Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Vajpayee said that 18 persons from West Bengal were going to Ajmer in a bus. They were caught and brought to Tilhar police station. There was a complaint against them that they were offering prayers on the side of the road. They were released on a bond from these persons. This police officer was asked what action has been taken against the miscreants of Vishwa Hindu Parishad who beat and insulted these Muslims?

Avoiding reply, the police official said that the bus driver was fined because he did not park the bus properly on the side of the road. It is known that the Uttar Pradesh police did not take any action against those who harassed Muslim pilgrims in Ajmi, Bengal. Rajesh Awasthi, a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, informed the police about prayers being offered on one side of the road. He said, when I saw people praying on one side of the road, I told them, ‘You are now in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh. It is illegal to pray in any open place in this state.’

However, observers say, in 2019, the Yogi government issued an order to allow street prayers on festival days. This was done because many times for the Jumma prayer, the worshipers used to pray on the street for 10-15 minutes by spreading the prayer mat. This was a temporary order so that processions would not be interrupted during the festival. But not only the open space, just a few days ago the Moradabad police lodged an FIR against 26 Muslims because they were offering namaz indoors. And Yogi police filed an FIR assuming that as a crime.

This barbaric treatment of Ajmer passengers has raised many questions. No explanation was received from the UP officials as to why it would be illegal to park a car in an empty space on the side of the road and pray or eat and drink. There the Lethels of Vishwa Hindu Parishad are the law. The police administration rests on their fingers. It is futile to expect Muslims to get any justice in this state.

A question must be asked. When Hindu pilgrims visit Tirupati in South India, devotees are seen alighting at various railway stations starting from Vijayawada and performing pujas including Khawadawa. Passengers stop on the side of the road to rest or sing bhajans, chanting names of God. In that case, neither the Hindu Muslim-Christian nor the police administration objected. Instead he helps the devotees. Same goes for pilgrims going to Amarnath. But the treatment of Muslim passengers in Ajmi shows that there is no such thing as citizen’s rights in UP. Especially Muslims.

Sadly, no one came forward to condemn the incident. Bengal’s political party Congress, CPM, Forward Block or any human rights organization did not protest against this atrocity. Only Furfura Jamiat Ulama Bangla incumbent Pir Imran Siddiqui and Maulana Sajjad Hussain posted on social media protesting the incident.

However, how long will the Muslim-Christian-Sikh, Dalits or tribals stay in their homelands like this?

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