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priyanka gandhi police barricades protesting price rise unemployment – When Priyanka broke the police cordon by climbing the barricades…!Achi News

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priyanka gandhi police barricades protesting price rise unemployment – When Priyanka broke the police cordon by climbing the barricades…!

Priyanka Gandhi was in the headlines during her performance on issues like inflation and unemployment. He dominated Twitter on Friday. Mainly three of his films went viral. He was seen climbing the police barricades and crossing the police ramp. At one point, a female guard drags Priyanka away. And at one point she was seen performing on the street.

During the event, Priyanka appeared in a black dress. In fact, most of the Congress leaders protested wearing only black clothes. The police set up barricades on the road to stop the Congress protest. Meanwhile, in a video, Priyanka is seen walking past the barricades. The Congress on its official Twitter account tweeted, ‘Yesterday Rahul Gandhi said truth cannot be prevented and today police could not prevent Priyanka Gandhi’s ban’.

Let it be known that Congress has hit the road on Friday with major issues like inflation, increase in GST rates and unemployment. Congress MPs marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan but were stopped at Vijay Chowk. Congress president Sonia Gandhi, former president Rahul Gandhi and many party MPs participated in the rally. Congress MPs along with Sonia and Rahul also participated in the rally wearing black clothes. Police arrested Rahul Gandhi and several MPs.

On the other hand, Congress workers, led by party general secretACHI Priyanka Gandhi, also protested at the Congress headquarters. The Congress party has announced that they will march to the Prime Minister’s residence. Outside the Congress headquarters, the Delhi Police has put up numerous barricades and deployed soldiers. But the Congress party broke through the barricades and progressed. Police arrested Priyanka Gandhi.

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In this case, Congress President Srinivas PV posted a video on Twitter and said, ‘This is how Modi-Shah’s police arrested Priyanka Gandhi…’

In the earlier picture, Priyanka Gandhi can be seen protesting in the middle of Akbar road.

In a video, Priyanka Gandhi is surrounded by police. In the video, he can be heard telling the police, ‘I am not sitting down to compromise with the government.’

We tell you that apart from Delhi, Congress workers have taken to the streets in many parts of the country and they have been protesting vigorously. In many states and cities including Bihar, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Congress workers are protesting against inflation and unemployment.

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The Congress said that the price of essential commodities like petrol, diesel, LPG cylinder, salt, dal, soya oil, mustard oil, tea has gone up in the last few years and due to this the cost of general and special sections of the country has gone up. are badly affected.

Considering the performance of the Congress, the Delhi Police has also made large-scale arrangements. The police did not give permission for the demonstration.


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