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Ready for all sacrifices, I will not deal with those who bind the nation in the chains of slavery, Imran Khan Achi-News

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Ready for all sacrifices, I will not deal with those who bind the nation in the chains of slavery, Imran Khan


Achi news desk-

Islamabad (ABN News) Tehreek-e-Insaaf Founder Chairman Imran Khan has said that he founded his movement for justice on April 25, 1996 on the basis of principles like justice, humanity and self-reliance.
By the grace and grace of Almighty Allah, despite all the forced fascism, it has become the biggest and strongest political party in the country I want, Allah Ta’ala has made man the best of creatures and created him free , as the ummah of the Holy Prophet, it is our responsibility to support the truth and recognize our reality and our position in the world, Maulana Rumi ants?”
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he does not bow down because faith sets a person free, he was having a special conversation with the officers who came to the prison for a meeting on the occasion of the founding day, he said that full credit goes to Islam for abolishing slavery from the world as an organization. As Islam gives priority to the status and importance of freedom, give a message to my people on my behalf that freedom is never given on a plate, while a slave nation has no future, it has to fight to achieve freedom , the subcontinent Muslims under the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam fought an unprecedented battle for their freedom, today we also have to break the chains of fear for our freedom.
I believe that once my nation is free in the true sense, no one can stop Pakistan from becoming great, there is a king of the jungle in our freedom who has the worst in the country by destroying the constitution and the law.
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A dictatorship has been established, the stubbornness of the king of the jungle, ego, disregard for the law and his stubbornness to run the country according to his will instead of the constitution is causing destruction to the country’s economy, government system and even democracy and judiciary. I believe that every member of the nation should play his role in order to stop the continuous destruction of the country, dedicate the strength and resources that Allah has given him to achieve his freedom, I have a message to my nation that Whatever sacrifice I make. have to do to achieve real freedom, but I will never compromise on the freedom of myself and my nation Please inform that I have been accused of completely false, false, fake and baseless cases in the past. if I have to be imprisoned for 9 years or more, I will stay, but I will not deal with those who keep my people in chains of slavery.


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