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Ramjenmabhoomi Foundation head temple land jihad victim: UP-Nepal border… but Palestinian model of land grab – OpIndia Ground ReportAchi News

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Achi News

Recently there have been several reports of rapidly changing population ratios along the Nepal-India border. The number of mosques and madrassas continues to increase. Opindia team visited the border areas from 20 to 27 August 2022 and reviewed the ground situation. We tell you what we saw, in order. 20th statement of this chapter:

We spoke to Mahendra Das, the mahant of the Hanuman Garhi Temple in Balrampur district, about population growth and the number of places of worship in the border areas of Nepal and India. The temple is named Hanuman Garhi, whose present Mahant is Mahendra Das. He wrote on his official letterhead and gave us his answer. He himself allowed a part of the temple to be in the possession of Baduruddin, an illegal occupier.

This report is in serial form. Click here to read the entire series in one go.

The temple of the head of Ramjanmabhoomi Trust was also attacked by Nila Jihad

Naresh Kumar, Manager of Hanuman Karhi Temple, Veer Vinay Sauraha Balrampur, speaking to Opindia, said that the temple is the temple of Mahant Nritya Gopal Das of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. According to the King, the current Mahant here is Mahendra Das. He said that some Muslims have encroached a large part of this temple and have been removing it bit by bit over the years.

The land adjoining the temple alleged to be the possession of Baduruddin

Court’s order… yet helpless police administration

In a written reply to OpIndia, Mahant Mahendra Das said that the illegal encroachers in Balrampur, along the Nepal border, did not even respect the court’s order. Mahendra Das also alleged that some officials of the administration were behind this insubordination.

Being a Mahant of a Hindu temple, he wrote that he himself witnessed and was pained by the illegal occupation of the temple land by some Muslims, which the administration could not remove even after court orders.

Mahant Nritya Gopal Das filed a case against encroachment

The Palestinian Model of Land Expropriation

According to Mahant Mahendra Das, the Palestinian model was adopted to maintain his temple land as property. He explained that the Palestinian system was followed to possess the temple land, as women and children were brought forward in Palestine.

Mahendra Das of Hanuman Garhi Temple wrote that when the Muslim parties could not acquire the temple land despite years of documents and legal battles, the women and children were made to sit in the same place as they lost in court. Their motive behind this is the same – to play small cards by getting children killed or to tarnish the character of women. Thus the temple land is not yet fully occupied by the temple.

Letter to Mahant Mahendra Das of India

The Palestinian occupation model includes journalists and administrative figures

Mahant Mahendra Das told us that some journalists and administrators are standing behind women and children in a Palestine-style land grab in Balrampur. In his letter to us, he has mentioned that he will take steps to free all places of worship under illegal occupation in the Shravasti Lok Sabha constituency on the Nepal border. He even said that he should pay for this work no matter what it costs.

Balrampur police assured to take action on the court order

Mahendra Das told us that the Balrampur Police in an official tweet said that the orders of the court regarding illegal possession will be followed, in Opindia’s earlier published message. In such a situation, why is she taking so long to clear the decades-old illegal encroachment of the temple on the Nepalese border, he asked in a questioning tone.

Who took action to inform the aggressors?

Naresh Kumar, who manages the Hanumangarhi temple in Balrampur, told OpIndia that after winning a court case, Mahant Niruthya Gopal Das requested the Balrampur administration to remove the illegal encroachment on the temple land. According to Naresh Kumar Sherawat, on this request, higher officials also issued instructions to subordinate officials.

Following this, the Raja expressed his surprise that, two days after the administrative authorities signed a letter of intent to remove the encroachment, several women and children were seated in the style of Shaheen Bagh. .

Action Letter on Illegal Possession

Naresh Kumar suspected that someone in the administration had taken action and leaked all this information to Badruddin’s side.

‘If occupied by previous regime, we will take action’

OpIndia spoke to Balarampur BJP MLA Balduram regarding the complaint of illegal encroachment on Balrampur city and Nepal border. He said that what appeared to be illegal occupations was due to the peaceful policies of the previous governments. He said that the present government is taking serious action.

He told us that he would inform the government and administration from his level about the situation on the Nepal border and would soon move towards a solution. MLA Baldu Ram described the media reports from the Nepali border as worrying.

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