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New Karachi; Robbers resisted the robbery and killed an elderly man.Achi News

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New Karachi; Robbers resisted the robbery and killed an elderly man.

Karachi In New Karachi, robbers shot and killed an elderly man protesting money outside his home, and in January alone, 7 citizens were killed protesting robbery.

According to Express News, the killing of citizens by street crimes in Karachi is not stopping, and all the strategies used by the police to control the incident are futile.

On Tuesday morning, unidentified armed robbers shot dead an elderly citizen near Bilal Colony Police Station, Apna Shadi Hall, Sector 5E, New Karachi. The old man has been identified as Haji Abdul Aziz, a 55-year-old son of Noor Mohammad.

In this case, Sho Bilal Colony Aftab Abbasi said that the police recovered 64 thousand rupees from the victim while the mobile phone of the victim was at home and the police recovered 30 bore gun shells from the spot. They are under police custody.

On the other hand, the victim’s son, Arif, said that during the robbery, the father was shot dead in protest. He said that the father had just left the house and when they came on a motorcycle, the accused tried to take money. The father and the protester shot Kurdi who heard the gunshots and came out of the house while the accused were fleeing.

The son is doing construction work in the house, the father is going to give money to the contractors, the accused shot the father in the head with an air gun and brought the father to the hospital with help.

The widow and 7 children of the deceased are among the mourners. No one will be saved, who will protect our lives and property?

Meanwhile, a young man was injured in the firing near the Orangi City Metroline Hospital in the area of ​​Site A Police Station, identified as Ainullah, 22-year-old son of Abdul Aziz.

According to the police, the injured person is an Afghan citizen and works as a baker, and the shooting is a sign of personal enmity. The police are investigating further.

It should be noted that 7 citizens were shot dead by robbers in 17 days this year.

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