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Federal court rejects Chrono Aviation’s injunction request to ban night flights Achi-News

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Federal court rejects Chrono Aviation’s injunction request to ban night flights


Achi news desk-

The Federal Court rejected Chrono Aviation’s request for an injunction against a ban on night flights, ruling in favor of Transport Canada and DASH-L, according to a 20-page ruling issued Friday.

The court found that Chrono Aviation did not present sufficient evidence to support its claim for damages: “For nearly two years, Chrono Aviation has constantly repeated that the ban on night flights will force it into bankruptcy. But repeating a statement does not make it true, nor does repeating it on by others,” the verdict reads.

According to Chrono Aviation, Transport Canada’s decision to ban night flights will cripple its operations and jeopardize the Mary River mine, the food security of the Inuit communities and the jobs created by their operations in Nunavut and Longui.

Referring to Chrono Aviation’s assertion that the contract with Baffinland was renewed until October 1, 2025, the court found that “it is highly probable that the parties to the contract were aware of DASH-L’s proposal to prohibit night flights at the time the renewal expired.”

Under these circumstances, the renewal of the contract for a limited period tends to indicate that Finland does not intend to terminate it immediately, but gives itself a period of one and a half years to assess the effects of the ban on night flights.” The court stated.

On the question of public interest, the court stated that “Chrono Aviation has not demonstrated that the inconvenience it will suffer outweighs the public interest in reducing the noise associated with takeoffs and landings of the Boeing 737-200 at night at Saint-Hubert Airport.”

Longueuil is pleased

Responding to the ruling that rejected Chrono Aviation’s request for an injunction, Longueuil Mayor Catherine Fournier was pleased that the federal court put the public interest of citizens first.

“In his decision, the judge stated that the decision of the Minister of Transportation, which was requested and supported by the city of Longueuil since my election in November 2021, promotes the public interest of the citizens of Longueuil, and that this interest prevailed, at this point, over those of the company,” she says.

As mayor,” she adds, “I am happy about this court decision, which is another victory for the people of Longueuil. Now we call on Krono Aviation to comply with the ruling.”

Denis Trudel, Member of Parliament for Longueuil — Saint-Hubert, said he was happy with Judge Sebastien Garmond’s decision: “For the respect of the citizens, Chrono must adapt or leave. This is what the citizens asked for during my public consultation, so this is my position.”

At the time of publication, Le Courrier du Sud had yet to receive a response from Chrono Aviation.

In February 2023, the municipality of Longueuil and DASH-L, the airport’s operator, agreed to ban night flights at Saint-Hubert Airport.

– This report by The Southern Messenger / The local press initiative was first published in French on April 19, 2023


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