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Education through LED in Govt School Semary, Udaipur | This Government School in Rajasthan Goes Smart, Kids Study on LED TVs, Teachers and Villagers Become BamashaAchi News

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Achi News

Mission Smart TV supported teachers and villagers In fact, during the Corona period, modern technology and online education have kept the education system stable. Work is being done in the Semary block with the idea that everyone can get the benefit of this technology and quality education. This initiative has been taken up by CPEO Siddharth Jain and ACPO Manohar Lal Meena. He said that in today’s age of science and technology, the children of government schools should not be deprived of modern technological knowledge and information, and for this, the need of Smart TV/LED is felt in every school for all children to get good knowledge in education. Overview. Mission Smart TV has been launched for this purpose and under this arrangement teachers, parents and villagers have joined forces to install LEDs in 40 schools. Through this, information is provided to children about all-round education and co-educational development.

No. 1 on Semary Black Charts CPEO Siddharth Jain said that education is organized with the help of digital and new technology in private schools, so children of government schools should also get the benefit of this technology. Therefore, they are pushing to install LED TVs wherever they go to government schools in the constituency. All have come together to make this arrangement. Now smart classes have been started in government schools too and children are benefiting. Their technical understanding will develop and e-learning will become easier. Semari constituency has also been at the top of Udaipur district for a long time.


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