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Dipankar Datta: Attempts to belittle India’s achievements by them continue; The Supreme Justice is bored Achi-News

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Dipankar Datta: Attempts to belittle India’s achievements by them continue;  The Supreme Justice is bored


Achi news desk-

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday gave an important verdict regarding the electoral system in India. The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) slips should be matched with the votes cast through the EVM ie Electronic Voting Machine. The court rejected the petition asking for a return to the paper voting system. So the Election Commission of India got a big relief. Justice Dipankar Dutta of the Supreme Court expressed an opinion at the time of the announcement of this judgment, which has become very important.


An attempt to undermine the nation’s achievements

According to the Bar and Bench report, Justice Dipankar Dutta expressed dismay that some groups continue to undervalue India’s achievements. Over the years some privileged interest groups have been trying to undermine the nation’s achievements. The country develops through the hard work of the honest workforce. But some people find fault with everything.

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Attempts to raise unnecessary doubts

I have doubts about the validity of the petitioner association when it tries to revise the old order. I do not hesitate to accept the submission of senior counsel for ECI. Going back to the old paper voting system, as suggested by him, reveals the true intention of the petitioner association to discredit the voting system through EVMs.

Justice Dutta criticized that thereby derailing the ongoing election process by creating unnecessary doubts in the minds of the voters.


It should be pinched in the seedling itself

Efforts are constantly being made to undermine the country’s performance in every possible dimension. Justice Dipankar Dutta expressed regret that there are concerted efforts to malign and undermine India’s progress. He also called at the same time to nip any such attempt in the bud.

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