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America needs freedom of expression; First fix the house, then preach! council of India Achi-News

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America needs freedom of expression;  First fix the house, then preach!  council of India


Achi news desk-

Pro-Palestinian protests have broken out at many American universities. America has always made baseless claims against India. America used to make statements in India with a nod to him. America advised India even when Arvind Kejriwal was arrested. But India today has whipped America to take care of it. India has now advised America, which has always advised India. These are pro-Palestine protests Commenting on the Ministry of External Affairs (MEI) India has taken note of the events. A proper balance between freedom of expression and awareness is promoted.


India advise America!

MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said, “We have seen the reports on the matter and are following the relevant events. In every democracy, there must be a proper balance between freedom of expression, a sense of responsibility and public safety and order,” he said.

Fix the problem at home first!

Democracies in particular must demonstrate this understanding in relation to other fellow democracies. The problem should be solved at home first. MEA spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said someone else should be instructed. We will be judged by what we say at home, not what we say abroad, he said.


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We are always in touch with India and students when they have problems. Randhir Jaiswal said we will solve the problems. Colleges across the United States are experiencing increasing unrest as pro-Palestinian protests sweep through their campuses.

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Why student protests!

34,000 Palestinians have died so far since the attacks by Hamas. Students have been holding massive protests at Columbia University and other universities in the United States demanding that their schools stop doing business with Israel or any company that facilitates its progress in Gaza.


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