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IMF mission reached Pakistan for discussionAchi News

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IMF mission reached Pakistan for discussion

ISLAMABAD: An IMF mission has arrived in Pakistan to talk to Pakistan.

According to Ariy News, the talks between the IMF and Pakistan will start from today, while the sources said that the technical discussions will be held in the first phase.

Sources say that the first four days will be technical talks; It is known that information from different departments will be presented in the discussion.

Sources suggested that the public should bear the brunt of the problem, otherwise the poorer sections would be bailed out with subsidies.

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Economist Dr. Zubair speaking on Ari News program ‘Atras Hai’ said that the former finance minister turned a blind eye to the IMF signatories and said that the current finance minister also accepts the terms of the IMF.

The economist said that the people are suffering from inflation.

It may take more time.

Dr. Zubair said that there is a big difference between buying and selling dollars. Due to shortage of dollars, LC will not be open, inflation will increase further and the government is not fully controlling the money supply.

He said that due to the increase in the interest rate, the inflation will increase and there will be losses.

Economists say the IMF program is very flawed, there are many mistakes, instead of reducing losses in the electricity sector, prices have been increased, and the IMF is asking for more taxes, which will slow down the economy.


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