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A Jharkhand student turns reporter to expose sorry state of school Achi News

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A Jharkhand student turns reporter to expose sorry state of school

News Daily Digital Desk: A student of a school in Jharkhand did what should have been done by the teachers. He made a video to show the poor condition of his school. The administration took action as soon as the video went viral on social media. Even the Minister of School Education of the state attended the event. However, for doing this, Khude has come under the wrath of the teachers. Why?

In fact, he shows the extreme condition of Bhikhiachak PrimACHI School in Mahgama Block, Godda! Which actually proves the incompetence of the teachers of that school. Tubewells have been lined, but taps have not been installed till date. There is no water in the school. The entire school premises is surrounded by dense forest. The condition of the toilet is also terrible. If necessACHI, students have to go outside for toilet. The condition of the classroom is also different. Light and air do not enter there. Palestine is falling all the time. Danger hangs over the head.

[আরও পড়ুন: বিধানসভাতেও আর মুখ্যমন্ত্রীর পাশে ঠাঁই হবে না পার্থর, বদলাচ্ছে আসন]

This is not the end, in the video that the student made, other students in the school complained that the teachers did not teach properly in the school. Even many educated people do not attend regular school. The one who has done such a big thing, who is praised by panchamukh netizens, is the small ‘journalist’ Sarfraz. In the video that has gone viral, Sarfaraz, wearing a lungi and a yellow T-shirt, is seen holding a fake boom. Which is actually a drink bottle attached to the head of a stick.

Sarfraz showed the terrible condition of the school with that boom. Just like a journalist talks to fellow students. Want to know about schools and teachers. They open up everything. It was then learned that cattle feed is kept in the school room. Studying is always done. Showing the condition of his school, he demanded the dismissal of the guilty teachers from Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Teachers are in trouble because of this. On the other hand, Sarfraz became the gem of our people’s eyes.

[আরও পড়ুন: ৪ সন্তানকে নিয়ে কুয়োতে ঝাঁপ তরুণীর, নিজে বাঁচলেও হারালেন চার শিশুকেই]

It is known that a teacher named Tajimuddin came and threatened the parents of the student as soon as Sarfraz’s video went viral. After which Sarfraz demanded to dismiss Tajimuddin. The whole matter came to the public and the administration was shaken. The District Education Officer has taken strict action against the two teachers of that school. He even called Jharkhand’s school education minister Sarfraz and asked if the teacher should be fired. That will be good, said little Sarfaraz who wants to become a journalist when he grows up.

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