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One-third of the sidewalk can be used by hawkers, the rest by pedestrians, the big decision at the municipal council meeting Achi News

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Achi News,

#Kolkata: The municipality’s decision to keep the city running at the end of the festival. Hawkers can use one third of the sidewalk. The rest must be kept clear for pedestrians. Decision at the municipal meeting. If necessary, hawkers should be rehabilitated. The Town Vending Committee will decide where the rehabilitation will take place.

An emergency meeting was held on Tuesday in the Kolkata Municipal Council on the issue of hawkers. Meeting in presence of Town Vending Committee, Calcutta Municipality and Calcutta Police. Initially it was decided that Hatibagan, Newmarket and Gariahat are the pilot projects and they want to proceed.

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At the end of the meeting, Shaktiman Ghosh, a member of the Town Vending Committee, said that from November 7 to November 20, Hatibagan, New Market and Gariahat Market will be surveyed on the carriage way on a pilot project model. Kolkata Municipality, Kolkata Police and Town Vending Committee will be present in this survey.

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The Town Vending Committee also demanded that the hawkers cannot be evicted in any way. The survey conducted by the Kolkata Municipality in 2015 cannot be given away in any way. If they are handed over, the law can take its course. Therefore, a proposal was made by the Town Vending Committee in the meeting to rehabilitate them instead of eviction.

The hawkers cannot be evicted in any way but one-third of the footpaths, i.e. important roads, must not be occupied by hawkers.

Debashish Kumar, member of the Mayoral Council of the Kolkata Municipality, said that all the hawkers occupying more than one-third of the space should be vacated first. Hawkers occupying the road or footpath in front of the Heritage should vacate that area. It will start from November 7 mainly in Hatibagan, Newmarket area and Gariahat market area. The survey will be conducted by Kolkata Municipal Police and Town Vending Committee as well as Hawker Committee and Traders Committee. After the survey, the report will be discussed in detail in the next Town Vending Committee meeting.

Debashis Kumar said that a list was submitted by the hawker committee in 2015. According to the list given to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Ravindra Sarovar, there were 58 thousand hawkers in the city of Kolkata at that time.

Again the hawker survey is starting from 7th October in Kolkata. The study is being piloted at three locations. The decision was taken in a meeting with the Town Vending Committee, Kolkata Police and various business organizations, said Mayor Parishad Debashis Kumar, who is in charge of hawker rehabilitation.

Apart from Debashis Kumar, Kolkata Municipal Secretary Harihar Prasad Mondal, Municipal Commissioner Vinod Kumar, Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner (Headquarters) Subhankar Sinha Sarkar and various Police Station Officers were present. Shaktiman Ghosh, Secretary of the Hawker Struggle Committee and other leaders. Officials of Calcutta Municipality.

According to Kolkata Corporation sources, it has been decided in the meeting that this survey will be started from New Market, Gariahat, Hatibagan in Kolkata from November 7.

This study will mainly look at three issues. No hawkers should sit on black top paved roads, secondly hawkers should not occupy more than one-third of the sidewalk space. Thirdly, the condition of the hawkers in the heritage area will also be surveyed. The survey will include Kolkata Police, Kolkata Municipality, Town Vending Committee, Business Associations. These three places will be pilot projects. Then there will be pavement inspection and hawker survey work across Kolkata.


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