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Lok Sabha Election: Hyderabad BJP candidate Madhavi Lata’s assets are so much! Hundreds of friends Achi-News

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Lok Sabha Election: Hyderabad BJP candidate Madhavi Lata’s assets are so much!  Hundreds of friends


Achi news desk-

Hyderabad: The Lok Sabha constituency in Hyderabad, the capital of the Telugu states, is one of the constituencies that have attracted a lot of attention in this Lok Sabha Election. Since 2004, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has won in Hyderabad. This time BJP has pitted Madhavi Latha against Owaisi. In this background, Madhavi Lata has grabbed everyone’s attention. Madhavi Lata has submitted an affidavit about her total assets while submitting nomination papers and it has come to light that she is the owner of hundreds of crores.


Madhavi Lata has disclosed the details of the family property in the affidavit submitted to the Election Commission while filing nomination papers. Madhavi Lata, 49, who lives in Secunderabad, recently joined the BJP and is contesting the elections for the first time.

How much does Madhavi Lata own?

Family assets of BJP candidate from Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency Kompella Madhavi Lata are ₹ 221.37 crore. Madhavi Latha is also one of the richest candidates of Telangana. Her husband Kompella Vishwanath is a businessman and her three children have an inheritance of ₹ 165.46 crore. The couple has a total immovable property of Rs 55.91 crore.


Property details

He declared that he had an inheritance of ₹ 31.31 crore, including investments of ₹ 25.20 crore in various companies. It has an investment of ₹ 7.80 crore in Virinchi Limited. He owns gold jewelery worth ₹ 3.78 crore. The husband has an inheritance of ₹ 88.31 crore, including shares worth ₹ 52.36 crore in Virinchi Limited. His three children also have a combined inheritance of over ₹ 45 crore.


Madhavi Lata has real estate worth ₹ 6.32 crore, while her husband’s real estate is worth ₹ 49.59 crore. The assets include non-agricultural land and commercial and residential buildings in and around Hyderabad.

Mallikarjun Kharge’s emotional speech

Among the 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana, polling will be held in Hyderabad on May 13. The election results will be out on June 4.

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