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Kerala ground report Lok Sabha elections to be held in 20 seats in the state – Amar Ujella Hindi News Live Achi-News

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Kerala ground report Lok Sabha elections to be held in 20 seats in the state – Amar Ujella Hindi News Live


Achi news desk-

Kerala Land Report
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Thiruvananthapuram politics is once again at an exciting point after 2014. The result of this Lok Sabha seat is expected to be like a photo finish… I mean, very close. Cities are desperate for change, while the waves of gentrification hit the coasts and return. It is the coastal areas that stand firm in favor of the current Congress candidate Shashi Tharoor, who has been the MP here for 15 years. However, this time there is something that probably hasn’t happened before. This is the mobilization of the Nair community, which is mostly in the cities and numbers more than four lakh. This time it is likely that their votes will go almost entirely in the direction of the Union External Affairs Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar of the BJP. Both Rajiv and Tharoor are from this community, so this vote was always divided between the two.

In fact, in the urban assemblies we see the BJP in the first position, the Congress in the second position, but once you look at the three rural assemblies in the coastal areas – Kovalam, Nayatinkara and Parasala, where the Congress is in the first position and the CPI’s Panayan is in the second position. Ravindran looks. Hotelier Nirmal, 38, in front of the secretariat in the capital, says Tharoor said Thiruvananthapuram will be developed on the lines of Barcelona. The UN had experience, so they trusted, but nothing happened. Vimal, Pavitra and Rajshree had similar sentiments around the LDF campaign office. But Immanuel, who is setting up a booth on the beach at Kovalam International Beach, says we will only vote for Tharoor.BJP is an upper caste party, which has not treated us properly, the backward caste Hindus also think the same.

Political analyst Prashant Arya believes that the entire responsibility for BJP’s victory in Thiruvananthapuram lies with the Nair or urban BJP votes. The party may get some votes from the upper class Christians in the city.

The glow of my body in a dozen

Apart from its three cadre votes, the BJP is expected to garner a total of over 4 lakh votes in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, on the back of actor Suresh Gopi’s activism and popularity. Gopi has done many things as a Rajya Sabha MP. Here the upper caste Christian votes may not go to BJP but to Gopi.

Woman ahead in backwater

Allapuzha is famous for backwater tourism. Here, BJP’s Shubha Surendran has made the fight three-cornered. Due to the inattention of the leftist government, expansion is not happening and the lakes are slowly dying. Shuba made compromises by raising issues that would increase her votes, although victory was not expected. Congress may suffer some loss due to Congress candidate KC Venugopal’s sister Padmaja joining BJP.

Palakkad, Attingal and Pathanamatita

Union Minister of State for External Affairs Muraleedharan stands at Atingal. BJP candidate Shubha Surendran came third against LDF last time by garnering 2.5 lakh votes on anti-incumbency grounds. Hence, Muraleedharan can garner votes. Similarly, the son of A.K. Antony, Anil Antony, will increase votes from Pathanamthitta. At the same time, Palakkad is the only place where BJP holds the top seat of the municipal body, so there are expectations from C Krishnakumar, who came third in the Lok Sabha after getting 21% of the votes last time.

Mission Kerala

BJP, which is contesting all 20 seats, is aiming to increase the voter turnout from 13 to 25%. This will equate it to CPM.


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