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Ancestors Rising: The idol of Hanuman, which grew day by day and broke the roof of the temple four times! Achi-News

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Ancestors Rising: The idol of Hanuman, which grew day by day and broke the roof of the temple four times!


Achi news desk-

Isn’t it surprising that the idol of Hanuman, found 400 years ago while plowing the field, is growing by itself day by day? Yes, a small village of Bharata Bhumi is a witness to such a special event (Ancestors Rising). A living example of this reverence is the Hanuman temple at Kamrad village, 15 km from Balod district headquarters in Chhattisgarh.

The height of the statue increases by itself!
A small temple was also built for this idol of Hanuman. But gradually the height of the idol increased and the roof of the temple broke! This happened 3 to 4 times. This idol of Hanuman is constantly growing. Now this statue is 12 feet tall. The idol was only 2 feet tall when it was found in the ground. It has been growing slowly. So with the help of devotees and donors, a large temple was built at the spot where this idol was found. Its ceiling height is 28 feet high. Gradually, people’s faith in this temple is increasing.


The Hanuman temple was built in the village of Kamrad in Chhattisgarh 400 years ago. An ancient idol of Hanuman was installed 400 years ago. People from distant places come here to fulfill their wishes. This temple is now famous not only in entire Chhattisgarh but also in other states. So grand programmes, havans and bhandaras were organized here on Hanuma Jayanti.

Did you find an old statue from 400 years ago?
The Hanuman idol in the village temple of Kamraud in Balod district of Chhattisgarh is commonly believed to be 400 years old. 400 years ago there was a terrible drought around the village of Kamraud. Because of this, the people there were very worried. One day a farmer was plowing his field when his plow got stuck in the ground. Later, when the plow was taken out, an idol of Hanuman was found underground in that place. Later the idol was cleaned and placed there. Since then this Hanuman idol is worshiped as Bhu Phod Hanuman Ji.


There are idols of Shaniswara and Kalikadevi
In the temple building, there is a big Shivalinga outside. On one side Shanishwar is incorporated. On the other side is a huge statue of Goddess Kali. It attracts people.

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