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“Women are more interested in voting,” says BJP’s Ratna Singh Achi-News

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“Women are more interested in voting,” says BJP’s Ratna Singh


Achi news desk-


Assam BJP Mahila Morcha general secretary Ratna Singh downplays opponent’s strength in upcoming elections, focuses on party’s preparations

1. What response do you expect from women voters in Guwahati?

Women voters are very excited to vote this time in Guwahati, especially the new voters. Moreover, the beneficiaries are very happy and at the same time, women voters who did not get in the last 70 years, are now getting a positive response from the Modi government where women are empowered.

2. Are women in Guwahati excited for the upcoming elections? Do you think they should play a bigger role?

Women in Guwahati are excited for the upcoming elections and they will play a bigger role as women have received many benefits from the government. The women’s sector in the society has been neglected in the past by other governments, especially the Congress government. They have now received a positive response from the Narendra Modi-led BJP government. In Assam the development was led by Himanta Biswa Sarma.

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3. Do you think women vote more? Do you think women should vote in the electoral process?

The voting patterns between women and men are equal. Women are more interested in voting these days. I think women should participate in the election process because after the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhinyam, 33% is reserved for women. I think women must be interested in taking part in the electoral process because tomorrow if you want to introduce women and get women into Vidhan Sabha or parliamentary elections, then we need to prepare this leadership from very basic and local stages.

4. How much do you think the Lakhpati Baideo program will help women?

The Lakhpati Baideo program will help women as women self-help groups have made great gains from the programs. Women have become more ‘Atmanirbahar’ which is Narendra Modi’s main agenda for women development and empowerment. Women who used to be confined to their homes now expect to sit in their homes and save money from the government for their businesses and entrepreneurs any good business that develops. In this way, they get an income with which they take care of their families and take care of themselves. And with the Lakhpati Baideo scheme, a lot of benefits have been received from the women.

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5. What measures is the BJP taking for the safety of women? How successful do you think it was?

Lots of measures have been taken by the BJP government for the safety of women. The helpline numbers work and they work 24 hours. At the same time, the police became friendly to women and special initiatives were taken in the police stations for women with children. Earlier, FIRs were recently registered, and the police was slow to deal with women’s problems, but now the women’s police stations and other very attractive police stations have been built and very positive and comfortable responses can be said for women who come to report to the police and the police register the cases very quickly and actions are taken.

6. Meera Borthkur is a strong candidate, what is BJP’s strategy to defeat her?

I don’t think Mirha Borthcore is a strong candidate. She’s just a candidate. And I think that according to democracy she will do her campaign. But as for us, we are doing for BJP and working hard. We do not see or think for a candidate whether she is strong or weak. We don’t think about it. We only think about what work we have to do and not from today but for many days, we were preparing for the elections. India is a democratic country governed by an election process and therefore we are always prepared for elections. And not only during the election, they will just jump to work and do their best. But during the elections we gain a lot of momentum and always in the momentum and spirit of the elections.



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