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Who is Baba Vanga, whose prediction caused panic around the world, know more about him – Baba VangaAchi News

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At this time there is panic all over the world. Because Baba Venga’s prophecy said that there will come a time when there will be no night on earth. According to his prediction, this event will happen in 2100. At that time there will be no night on earth. Baba Venga also made dire predictions about India. He said that there will be an attack of locusts on crops and fields in the country, which could lead to hunger. Apart from this there is a possibility of calamity like famine in India.

In such a situation, everyone wants to know Baba Venga. After all, who is this Baba Venga? Why do people believe that his prediction is true? we will know…

Do you know who Baba Venga is first?

Baba Venga lives in Bulgaria. He was born in 1911. She could not see with both eyes. She lost sight in both eyes when she was 12 years old. Baba Venga made many predictions. Many of those predictions have come true. Baba Venga has made many dire predictions for 2022 as well. Baba Venga is known as the Nostradamus of the Balkan region. Baba Venga died in 1996. However, before that she had predicted the year 5079. If Baba Venga’s prediction is true, the world will end by 5079.

Which major prophecy was fulfilled?

Two of Baba Venga’s predictions for 2022 have come true so far. According to his prediction, some countries will suffer from water scarcity. This situation has also happened in many countries including Portugal and Italy. These countries have advised people to use less water. The country has seen the lowest rainfall since the 1950s. Italy is also experiencing its worst drought since the 1950s. Apart from this, Baba Venga had said that there is a possibility of floods in Asian countries and parts of Australia in 2022.

Apart from this, it was said that an earthquake would occur and a tsunami would occur. Heavy rains and floods have wreaked havoc on Australia’s east coast, according to Baba Venga. Floods have also affected people in Bangladesh, India’s Northeast region and Thailand.

Tsunami in 2004, 09/11 attack prediction also came true

Baba Venga predicted a tsunami in 2004 and it came true. After this, the death of Britain’s Princess Diana was also predicted correctly. Baba Venga predicted that he would be the 44th President of the United States and that he would be the last. Barack Obama became the first black president, but his second prediction was wrong. Likewise, Baba Venga’s comment about the 09/11 attacks turned out to be true.


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