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Vice President Election 2022 To Held On 6 August Know About The Equation Of Vice President Election skf mgb Achi News

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Vice President Election 2022 To Held On 6 August Know About The Equation Of Vice President Election skf mgb

Vice President Election 2022: Elections for the post of Vice President of the country will be held today. The results of the elections will also be announced by the evening. Former Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar is the candidate of NDA in the election of Vice President. Along with this, the opposition has nominated Congress leader Margaret Alva as its candidate. The current Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s term ends on August 10. This time, what equations are being created regarding the election, who is superior, know the important things related to the election of the vice president-

Voting will be held at Parliament House from 10 am to 5 pm. The votes will be counted soon after and the name of the new Vice President of the country will be announced by the Returning Officer by late evening. The new vice president will be sworn in on August 11.

Elections will be by single transferable vote under proportional representation system and election will be by secret ballot. In this system, the selector has to mark the preferences against the names of the candidates. There is no concept of open voting in this election and it is strictly prohibited to show the ballot paper to anyone in the election of President and Vice President under any circumstances.

All members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are included in the Electoral College to elect the Vice President. Nominated members are also eligible to vote in it. The current number of members in Parliament is 788, who need more than 390 votes to win.

BJP has a total of 303 members in the Lok Sabha, MP Sanjay Dhotre will not be able to attend due to ill health. Thus, the NDA has a total of 336 members in the Lok Sabha. Along with this, BJP has 91 (including 4 nominated members) in Rajya Sabha and NDA has a total of 109 members. In such a situation, now the NDA has a total of 445 members in both houses.

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Differences among opposition parties have also emerged over the choice of vice-president as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress called off voting, citing efforts to reach a consensus before Alva’s name was announced. Have announced to stay apart from the process.

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