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Ubaidullah Sindhi disembarking from the ship at Kemari Port in Karachi –Achi News

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Ubaidullah Sindhi disembarking from the ship at Kemari Port in Karachi –

The speeches, sermons and letters of Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi have been preserved by authors and memoirs in various books, some of which are very relevant in the political, social and religious background of the time.

Dr. Abu Salman Shahjanpuri in his book (Collection of Schools) has quoted a speech of Maulana Sindhi, there is some variation in the text of this speech. As he wrote: The late Maulana Ubaidullah Sindhi disembarked from the ship at Kemari Port in Karachi in 1939 after 24 years of exile and was welcomed by the people of Sindh and selected intellectuals of the country present at Jam-Ghafir Port. , Maulana had told him. This speech of his was published in the newspapers at the time. The most accurate article is presented here.

In 1915 I was sent to Afghanistan by my teacher Hazrat Sheikh Al Hind. Your elders sent me. I have done my best to serve Islam by staying outside. Mountains came before me, defeated, death came, defeated. I was a friend of the generals who fought in the world’s great wars. You will not regard my words as a mere understanding or the result of a momentary pleasure. Behind me is a world of experience. My observation is very broad. I have seen the world with my own eyes and have studied revolutions and their effects and consequences by living in revolutionary countries. I don’t want to hide anything from you. My thoughts are public. Now I am a lamp. I want to convey this message to the youth of India before I die. If the situation continues like this, I fear that Bengal will be divided. First, Afghanistan will be engulfed by this revolution.

I came back to India as a prophet of revolution. The day is not far when Britain and America will find it difficult to govern themselves. Don’t see this revolution as anything less than an apocalypse. I have seen great intellectuals, great men beg, and I have seen them hanged. This is a global revolution. One day he will rule the whole world. Whether it is the Great Wall of China or the Great Wall of Alexandria, it will sweep them all away. The world is about to experience a new flood of Noah. The clouds have passed, it is going to rain. Our scholars, however, have their eyes limited to books and do not want to see the outside world. Our politicians do big tricks based on their interests. People have been kept at a very low level.

The Qur’an is true, the Gospel is true, the Torah is true. If Christians are infidels by misrepresenting the Gospel, and Jews are infidels by misrepresenting the Torah, then how can the Muslims of this country remain Muslims by misrepresenting the Qur’an! Now is the time of revolution. Listen and heal! Otherwise, they will be deleted.

The summary of this statement is that yesterday a section was the owner of power and authority. Working farmers and workers did not get food, the classes living on their income considered income as a shame. What was the result? The revenue departments are lagging behind and the dining rooms are demoralized. If blessing spreads around capitalists and landlords. If minds were to burn, so would their minds. Time passed like this. Capitalists and feudal rulers continue to oppress the workers and peasants. Next comes the machine age. The workers took over the machines, the feudal system ended. Their slogan today is “Workers and Peasants Arise!” These big buildings and palaces are built with your income. These are yours. You own it. Get up and grab it. And destroy what comes in the dark!

O Muslims! If you want to live, accept this philosophy as interpreted by Imam Walilah Dehlavi. If your nobles do not wish the Garba well, you too will have the same fate as the Buhala Muslims. The madrasa was an Arabic university in Bukhara. The political power of Turkey is not the political power of your country. How do you and your mosques and madrassas oppose the revolution that did not sustain the religion of Bukhara and the politics of Turkey? When revolution rises from the nests of the poor, it destroys the palaces of the rich. When the revolution comes, it will not see mosques, monasteries, palaces, it will sweep them all away.

If I die and the Englishman does not leave India within three years of my death, come to my grave and tell him that the Englishman is sitting here. keep in mind! I have uprooted the English foundation, now he cannot live in India, you will remember me soon, I entrust my affairs to Allah.


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