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Today’s Latest News Live: Report Says North Korea Fired 10 Ballistic MissilesAchi News

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Achi News

  • 02 Nov 2022 07:33 AM (IST)

    Due to heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, holidays have been declared for schools and colleges in many districts

    Due to heavy rain in Tamil Nadu, all schools in Chennai, Ranipet and Tiruvallur have been declared holiday today. Along with this, holidays have been given to schools and colleges in Vellore, Kanchipuram, Villupuram and Chengalpattu districts.

  • 02 Nov 2022 07:15 AM (IST)

    The Gnanavabi-Sringar Gauri case is coming up for hearing today

    Varanasi’s Gnanavabi Sringar Gowri case will be heard in the district court. The inquiry is to be held regarding the removal of the foundation and the western wall. The Hindu side has demanded an inspection of the foundation found in the Gyanwabi compound and the court to remove the western wall.

  • 02 Nov 2022 07:05 AM (IST)

    Police attack, bomb kills five in Ecuador

    In Ecuador, police were attacked for transferring prisoners from overcrowded prisons. At least 5 policemen were killed in the blast by the attackers. Due to this the President has declared emergency in two provinces.

  • 02 Nov 2022 06:58 AM (IST)

    Imran Khan Says Enemies Plan Clash Between PTI And Pakistan Army

    Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday hit out at his political opponents, accusing them of plotting a clash between his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) and the country’s military. Imran Khan has announced that his aim is to achieve Haqiqi Azadi (true freedom) through the march. According to Khan, true freedom is only possible if free and fair elections are held promptly, and he is not against the country’s establishment (the military).

  • 02 Nov 2022 06:56 AM (IST)

    North Korea reportedly fired 10 ballistic missiles

    North Korea has yet again tested a ballistic missile. This was stated in a report by news agency AFP. However, no further information regarding this has been released. North Korea has reportedly tested 10 missiles. Even before this, there have been cases of North Korea conducting multiple missile tests.

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