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Today is the death anniversary of Kankalata Baru, who became a martyr for the country at the age of 17. Achi News

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Achi News,

Today is the death anniversary of Assam’s glory, freedom fighter, patriot Kankalta Baru. On this day of October 1942, Tekhte sacrificed his life for the country. The Indian national flag was hoisted at Gahpur police station and the British security forces were martyred. Kankalata Baruwai sacrificed his life for the country at the age of 17.

Kankalata Baruwa was born on 22nd December 1924 in Darang district. Kankalata Baruwa participated in the freedom movement as a teenager. He was also inspired by Jotiprasad Agarwala and Vishnu Prasad Rava and was determined to work for the country. Kankalata was a volunteer active in the Indian independence movement. In Tekhe, Pushpalata Daser Saite ‘Mrityu Bahini’ Dalat joined various meetings and gave speeches. The spirit of independence of the country was not discouraged even by the death of the patriots.

At that time, on September 20, 1942, led by Jotiprasad Agarwala, the Assam branch of the Indian National Congress raised the Indian national flag at Gahpur, Bihali, Chatia and Dhekiajuli police stations and lowered the British flag. On that occasion, Gohpur police station hoisted the Indian flag and marched forward to create chaos.

Kankalta Baru and many others joined the death squads in the freedom struggle and protested by hoisting the Indian national flag at Gahapur police station under British occupation. On the day of 20th September, the death squad decided to lower the British flag and put on the country’s flag. Carrying the flag in hand towards the police station, all the trains of the death squad of Gahapur were coming. The British soldiers fired on the necks of the soldiers and wore bagri on the ground when the national flag was hoisted in Kankalata Baruai. The interests of the country are weak and martyred. The flag of the Indian National Congress in his hands was thrown on the ground by Mukunda Kakatiya and he was shot and killed by the police.

At the place where Kankalta Baruwa and Mukund Kakti were martyred, a couple of dead bodies built in the memory of Barapukhuri Parat Teolok in front of Majamjiat Gahpur Police Station of present Gahpur city are being erected. In this sacrifice of weakness, everyone should be encouraged to work for the sake of the country.

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