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Threats to life again, glimpses of different alliances in the north Achi News

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Achi News,

Saptarshi Sarkar and Gauhari Das, Dhupguri and Cooch Behar: A few days ago there was a hint of unity between the two groups of Greater Cooch Behar supporters in the mouth of Vanshivedan Burman. Recently, the top leader of Kamtapur Liberation Organization (KLO) Jeevan Singh echoed the message of unity of the claimants of Kamtapuri and Greater Cooch Behar.

In more than three decades, the Kamtapur or Greater Cooch Behar movement has been in conflict for so long. The two movements had two separate claims to separate states on almost the same territory. The leadership of the Kamtapur or Greater Cooch Behar Panthis was never seen as sympathetic to each other. On the contrary, the leaders of both the movements have been seen to directly or indirectly undermine each other’s demands.

But in a recently aired audio clip (the authenticity of which has not been verified by North Bengal News), KLO chief Jeevan Singh’s tone of amalgamation of Kamtapur and Greater Andolan is clear. Every time he raised the Kamtapur claim in that audio clip, he mentioned Greater Cooch Behar, implying that there was no conflict between the two claims. Rather, West Bengal government and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee have been identified as the main enemies of the two organizations.

With the threat of bloodshed, the message of the armed movement has been heard in the words of life. He said, we are not a nation to bow down or give up. If they come to occupy our land, we will defend our land by shedding blood. Along with Mamata, North Bengal Development Minister Udayan Guha was targeted for life without being named in this audio clip. Udayan had recently threatened to break the knees of those who would talk about the partition of Bengal.

In the audio clip, the North Bengal Development Minister is heard calling Jeevan as an outsider from Kamtapur, “outsiders want to break our knees, want to shed blood”. Let’s see how much power and how much blood they have to take over. Earlier, the militant leader of the Kamtapur movement had challenged the Chief Minister himself in a video message. In the recently circulated audio clip, he said in more harsh terms that the Kamtapuris are neither Bengalis nor residents of Bengal.

In the language of life, Koch-Rajwansis are not Bengalis. Then how will this area be Bengali? Mamata Didi should apologize for calling us militants, separatists on our soil and claiming this area as Bengal. Jeeban called for the unity of Kamtapuri and Greater Cooch Behar Panthis against Calcutta rule and exploitation.

Describing life as a changing fox, the North Bengal Development Minister said that what he says or does not say while hiding in the forest is of no importance. He can’t come out. What does he want, state or country? He is a fathead. Will Mamata Banerjee be afraid of him? My four sons were born here. Am I an outsider?

Despite repeated threats by him in video and audio messages, the state government never showed a soft attitude towards the Kamtapur movement. Peace talks with the Center also seem to have stalled. Jeevan’s comment in his previous message that discussions would be held in Delhi on August 15, was also not implemented. There are no signs of that happening in the near future. It is believed that this is why the top leader of KLO raised his voice again.

It is believed that the names of Kamtapur and Greater Cooch Behar were repeatedly mentioned in his speech to put pressure on the government. However, speculations have started that Jiban Singh, Vanshivadan Barman and Ananta Maharaj may come together in the coming days to remove the issue of the name of a separate state. Banshivadan Barman, one of the leaders of the Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association, does not deny such a possibility.

He said, once the name of this land was Pragjyotishpur. At one time the name was Kamtapur. Again now Cooch Behar. Whatever the name, the continent is essentially one. As a result, the demand is also the same. I believe, all Bhoomiputras need to be united in realizing that demand. However, Banshivadan did not want to comment on the state chief minister’s demand for an apology in tune with life.

Anant Maharaj, another group leader of the Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association, however, made it clear that he would keep his distance from Jeevan Singh as before. Anant said, I don’t know where Jeevan Singh lives or what movement he does. We demanded a separate state from the central government. We have been told Union Territories by the Centre, which we feel is correct.

Anant said that there is no support or opposition to his statement of life. However, he also severely criticized the North Bengal Development Minister. According to Ananta, his father and grandfather were given land to live on this land by our ancestors. He is making such statements from this ground. He is not qualified to be a minister.

But really if KLO and Greater Cooch Behar Panthis unite, there will be pressure on the grassroots in North Bengal in the upcoming panchayat and Lok Sabha elections. However, the top leadership of the Trinamool is reluctant to give importance to this matter. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, people can see the real form of development and progress of Mamata Banerjee in her daily experience. As a result, there is no story of the partition of Bengal. These dynasties are trying to mislead people. No one in the mainstream will be confused by this. They are with Mamata Banerjee.

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