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The thin line between stupidity and wickedness has been erased in the current climate of the country.Achi News

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The thin line between stupidity and wickedness has been erased in the current climate of the country.

In today’s day and age, the ridiculous statements of Chungs and leaders cannot be laughed at because they will emerge in the form of government policy any day.

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What ridiculous people we have become! Let’s look at an example of the contradictions that surround us – a TV says that Muslim terrorists demolished the dam that caused the floods as part of ‘flood jihad’ in Assam. This was tweeted by another journalist and the operator of Bharatiya Janata Party’s OBC social media. Rahul Sagar Supported that too. The government arrested 4 people in this case of allegedly breaking the dam. All four are Muslims.

Madan Gopal, chairman of Karnataka’s Task Force on National Education Policy, said that both Newton’s apple falling on his head and Pythagoras’ are ‘fake news’ – much known in our mythic past. That is, Hindus knew about this before. They found this information on Quora website and naturally, what doubt is that this information is 100% accurate! Following this idea, the state government has now submitted its position to the central government.

Meanwhile, the Lok Sabha Secretariat has banned words like ‘disloyalty, worthlessness, corruption’ and ‘hypocrisy’. What’s even sadder is that many people admit this and believe these things.

WhatsApp graduates will calmly say that the WhatsApp forward message proves the veracity of these historical claims. The scientific discoveries of the Vedic period are very popular these days.

All this happened in the last few days. The history of this mutilation goes back even further—at least as far back as 2014, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a gathering of scientists and doctors with Ganesh but an elephant on his head and Karna’s birth as proof that genetic engineering and cosmetic surgery were practiced in India centuries ago.

BJP MP and former Mumbai Police Commissioner Satya Pal Malik rejected Darwin’s theories and said he was not descended from monkeys. Of course, the superiority of urine therapy in curing diseases has been a favorite subject of the Sangha Parivar. And earlier this year, a BJP minister in Madhya Pradesh had described Narendra Modi as Ram incarnate.

Calling all these statements nonsense, one might laugh at them. Thousands of memes have been made on these claims. But the truth is that many of these statements become principles. What seems silly soon takes a terrifying form.

Comedian Munavwar Farooqui was arrested for a joke he did not tell, following a complaint by the son of a minister in the Madhya Pradesh BJP government. The persistent communal campaign against Muslims had tragic consequences and sometimes was not confined to that community alone. Along with the call for economic boycott, the talk of ‘return to Gujarat’ comes to the fore.

In the 1930s, American writer Clara Leisher traveled to Germany several times to speak with family members of political prisoners. Apart from journal articles based on those conversations, he also published a book titled Madness Becomes Us.Madness makes usa collection of inane statements made by Nazi leaders, their followers, and supporters, including journalists.

The book opens with a quote from Julius Streicher, a member of the Reichstag and publisher of an anti-Semitic newspaper, which may be familiar to us – ‘God’s grace attends our Führer’ (God’s grace attends our Führerpearls of wisdom are scattered inside the book, from women’s duties to building a ruling race.

Dr. Willibald Henschel advises, ‘Gather together a thousand German women of pure race. Isolate them in the camp. Let them meet the same pure German men. If a hundred such camps are set up, lakhs of excellent children will be born in no time.’ A tract, ‘Jesus was Arian on both sides of his parents’. The famous Dr. Goebbels said, ‘Intellectual activity is a danger in the way of character formation’.

As we now know, all this culminated in a terrible period in human history. The continued demonization of Adolf Hitler and the continued demonization of Jews, intellectuals and others resulted in the Holocaust.

In India, sending Muslims to the gas chambers like the Jews of the Nazis is not far off. But long before that happened a systematic campaign against them – closing their businesses and enforcing anti-Semitic laws – worked to ensure that concentration camps were built and vulnerable victims were taken to gas chambers, where they were turned into villains who were nobody. Sympathized with.

Today in India, the idea that Muslims are anti-national and traitors has spread far and wide. Not only the ardent supporters of the Sangh, whose minds have been filled with such things for years, but also the newly initiated supporters – urban, educated and privileged – have embraced it. Their communal feelings have been tempered, and they are not vocal; They are ready to move away from the bogus historical claims of the Sangh Parivar because their dark and long-hidden prejudices have found free ACHIion.

In any democracy these haters and suspected murderers would have been immediately arrested, but here they are not only given freedom, they are honored. His punishment was no accident. They are implicitly supported because they say forbidden things, however illegal and bad.

In this regard, Yogi Adityanath has gone far ahead of Narendra Modi, but there are many things that even he cannot say and do. These are omitted for ‘marginal elements’. Sometimes they go beyond all limits and the government needs to take action to show that they will not tolerate it. For example, when Yeti Narasimhanand Giri called for the massacre of Muslims. But most of the time, she keeps her eyes away from him.

While rhetoric and violence are perpetrated against minorities on the one hand, the government enacts laws against them on the other. Institutions that were once independent provide a legal shield. The media is sitting on the sidelines to ensure that the message that Muslims are enemy number one reaches the public.

When this happens, the line between stupidity and wickedness becomes very fine and eventually disappears. Then anyone with a different opinion becomes an enemy.

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