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The request of the IMF to restart the negotiations has come to the fore – moneyAchi News

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The request of the IMF to restart the negotiations has come to the fore – money

The IMF demands come ahead of talks between Pakistan and the IMF to revive the loan program.

The IMF has made several demands from the government, including imposing additional taxes, increasing electricity and gas prices, and reviving a market-based exchange rate policy for negotiations.

The IMF has called for an increase in electricity rates by more than Rs 10 per unit, and a 17 percent GST on petroleum has been proposed.

In order to reduce the revolving debt, to privatize loss-making government institutions, to obtain more economic data including the cost of floods, the government has been asked to transfer the cost burden to the user.

It should be remembered that the small budget preparation planned by the government is in progress. Property, banking transaction, duty on imported goods, flood tax are being considered in the proposed mini budget to raise revenue.

Proof of petroleum tax and gas price increase

On the other hand, in virtual talks between Pakistan and the IMF, the government has confirmed that it will increase oil taxes and gas prices.

According to the sources, a Pakistani delegation led by financier Hamidi Yaqub Shaikh informed the IMF officials about the expenditure incurred by Pakistan for the rehabilitation of flood affected areas. The Pakistani delegation was of the opinion that it would succeed in achieving the tax collection target.

According to the sources, the schedule may be adjusted this week for formal negotiations with the IMF to restore the loan program.

It should be noted that I am bringing up an event today. The Prime Minister said. The IMF has made it clear that it wants to complete the ninth review with you, we want to sit down and finalize your terms. Shabaz Sharif said that today we are in a big problem, we will get the country out of these problems together, we will make Pakistan a great country, but there are conditions for this.


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