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The Indian women’s team is undefeated in the 44th Chess Olympiad.Achi News

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The Indian women’s team is undefeated in the 44th Chess Olympiad.

The Indian Women’s A team maintained their sole lead in the women’s category with 14 points as they recorded their seventh consecutive victory over sixth-seeded Azerbaijan 2.5-1.5 at the 44th Chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu on Friday.

India A suffered some setbacks as Hampi lost the first match. However, Thania Sachdev and R Vaishali once again came out on top as they battled hard to accumulate wins, while Harika Dronavalli also fought hard to split the point. Vaishali played brilliantly in a draw, pressing the opposition with accurate positive play and scoring a delightful goal at the end. success

Vaishali later commented, “My game was even until the 40th turn and I thought I was balanced. After Hampi’s loss, I kept pushing and, interestingly, this was a position we worked on in the camp with Boris Gelfand and I followed his suggestions to the ‘T’.

A hallmark of the Women’s A team is the ability of each player to deliver a win when the team needs it most. ”The way Harika, Vaishali and Thania persevered in this stressful situation is very pleasing. The players understand the situation and bowl properly,” said India A captain Abhijit Kunde.

Meanwhile, in the Open category, India A hit the accelerator, defeating fellow countrymen in India C. Shekhar Ganguly and SP Sethuraman forced Vidhy to split the point.

After losing to Armenia in Round 6, India B bounced back against Cuba with a 3.5-0.5 scoreline, with D Gugesh again leading the way to record his seventh win of the tournament. Athiban B held the draw with two outstanding hits.

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In another setback for a star-studded USA team, Armenia held them to a 2-2 draw and remained vigilant at the top of the points table with 13 points. India A and India B, USA and Uzbekistan are behind with 12 points each.

In the women’s category, India B lost to Greece by 1.5-2.5.

Divya Deshmukh claimed the only win for India, while Vandika Aggarwal and Sowmiya Swaminathan lost their encounters and MACHI Ann Gomez had to settle for a draw.

Indian Women’s C team beat Switzerland 3-1.

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