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HomeWorldShoaib Akhtar shares an incident from his early playing daysAchi News

Shoaib Akhtar shares an incident from his early playing daysAchi News

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Shoaib Akhtar shares an incident from his early playing days

India and Pakistan will meet later this month in the 2022 Asia Cup on August 28. It will be one of those occasions where cricket fans across the country will drop everything to watch the high-voltage clash. India-Pakistan cricket matches have always been fascinating, but in recent times, due to political tensions between the two countries, the two countries no longer play bilateral series and are limited to ICC and ACC events.

Both India and Pakistan have a rich cricketing history and there are endless interesting stories about the matches on their turf. One of them was between Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar and former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Both shared a great bond off the field and respected each other and competed as equals on the field.

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Recently, Shoaib shared an interesting incident about Sachin. Speaking to Star Sports, the former fast bowler said he had no idea about his status when the Indian master blaster burst onto the cricket scene.

“Shaklain told me about Sachin Tendulkar and his stature. I don’t know about him. I was lost in my own world. I do not know. I only know what I will do and what the batsman is thinking,” Akhtar said in a video published by Star Sports.

Akhtar was the epitome of sheer speed and he became the fastest bowler in the history of the game. He said he thought Pakistan should win by bowling fast and taking five wickets.

“The big difference between your fast bowlers and our fast bowlers is that we look for excuses to bowl fast. Whenever I felt the ball reverse-swing, I thought, ‘If I get a spell here, I’ll run through the batters’. I will take only five wickets there and win the match for Pakistan. You can’t be a star without being a match winner. We played for the country and won,” said Akhtar.

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