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September 26 money will come? Will it cost like water? Know your own zodiac in detail! – News18 Bangla Achi News

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Achi News,

#Kolkata: The Vedic Astrology of our country says that the 12 signs of our zodiac are capable of describing various aspects of human life in detail. Each zodiac sign faces different events in life due to the different positions of their daily planets. That is why astrology is able to predict various aspects of the life of the people of each zodiac sign. Now let’s see what important information today’s horoscope gives us about our financial fortune. One has to choose one’s zodiac sign according to birthday and financial steps are desirable accordingly; Saying the introduction!

Aries: March 21 to April 19. Economic conditions will improve today. You will get good results if you invest. Today you can get good profit in terms of property. You will get respect in office. Auspicious Number: 2 Auspicious Color: Saffron Remedy: Please donate the red fruit to the poor

Taurus: April 20 to May 20. Today is not very favorable in many ways. So, avoid making any big decisions. Can become a victim of online fraud. Don’t trust everyone even in the office. Auspicious Number: 1 Auspicious Color: Pink Remedy: Please donate food to the poor

Gemini: May 21 to June 20. Your financial strength will be strengthened today. If your money is stuck somewhere, you can get it today. Wise decisions will pay off, so don’t indulge your emotions today. Auspicious Number: 1 Auspicious Color: Ocher Remedy: Please offer water to Lord Shiva

Cancer: June 21 to July 22. Today is going to prove beneficial for you in many ways and you will benefit in many ways. Expenditure on material matters will be high. Spending on a budget will benefit. Auspicious Number: 5 Auspicious Color: Orange Remedy: Please perform Aarti of Hanumanji

Lion: July 23 to August 22. Today an old plan of yours may start again. Think carefully before trusting anyone with finances. Old backlogs can be completed at a small cost. Auspicious Number: 9 Auspicious Color: Red Remedy: Please recite Hanuman Chalisa

Daughter: August 23 to September 22. If you have big plans for the future, start saving for them today. You will get special benefits from officials at workplace. With expert advice you can invest in the right place, which will get you financial benefits. Auspicious Number: 3 Auspicious Color: Brown Remedy: Please feed the cow with bread

Cotton: September 23 to October 22. Businessmen can sign lucrative contracts today. Employees have the possibility of promotion. Those thinking of changing jobs will find better options – but not making informed decisions. Auspicious Number: 4 Auspicious Color: White Remedy: Please donate food to the poor

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Scorpio: October 23 to November 21. Today the expenses will increase, the situation of spending more than the income will be created. Family worries will haunt you. There will be expenses due to illness. The day is going to be troublesome, so keep your cool. Auspicious Number: 10 Auspicious Color: Light Red Remedy: Please donate red fruits to the poor

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21. Today you will be able to gain more knowledge about something you have already acquired. Office colleagues will also support you. Spending on good deeds will increase your reputation. Auspicious Number: 3 Auspicious Color: Orange Remedy: Please read Sundarkanda of Ramayana

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19. Today there will be profit from ancestral property. Don’t give advice without asking. You can go somewhere with family members. But whatever you do, you may regret it if you don’t spend wisely. Auspicious Number: 7 Auspicious Colour: Saffron Remedy: Please donate the red fruit to the poor

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18. Today your efforts to increase your income will be successful. Having a good source of income will increase the accumulated wealth. Today there will be success in all areas of life. Auspicious Number: 1 Auspicious Color: Vermilion Remedy: Please do aarti of Hanumanji

Pisces: February 19 to March 20. Luck will help you today and your own wealth will increase today. Get hold payments from anywhere today. Arguments should be avoided in the office today.
Auspicious Numbers: 10
Auspicious Color: the maroon
Remedy: Please read Sundarkanda of Ramayana

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