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PFI: Several anti-CAA protesters arrested in Delhi – PFI: Several anti-CAA protesters arrested in DelhiAchi News

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The arrests were also made in Delhi as part of a nationwide crackdown on the Popular Front of India (PFI). But the arrests in Delhi are different. In Delhi, on Tuesday, September 27, around 30 people were arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police. But most of those arrested were involved in anti-CAA protests. 144 Prohibitory Order has been imposed for two months in Jamia Millia Islamia and Shaheen Bagh in Delhi Okhla. A curfew appears to have been imposed on some streets in Okla. Delhi Police has warned Jamia students and teachers not to assemble in groups anywhere. Section 144 does not apply anywhere in arrests in other cities of the country.

A special unit of the Delhi Police raided the streets of Shaheen Bagh on Tuesday, September 27. 30 people were arrested during this. Woman activist Shaheen Kausar has also been arrested by the police from here. Shaheen Kausar is a well-known face of the anti-CAA Shaheen Bagh movement. But police say Shaheen is associated with SDPI, the political wing of PFI. However, Shaheen Kaur runs a school in Okhla to educate poor children.

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Similarly, Shoaib Ahmed, an undergraduate student of Zakir Hussain, was arrested in Zakir Nagar. Shoaib’s father Waqar Ahmed, a property dealer, also seized his mobile phone. Shoaib’s mother Mumtaz said Shoaib and his father Waqar had nothing to do with PFI.

However, most of the 30 people arrested in Delhi on Tuesday on PFI-related charges were involved in anti-CAA protests.

Regarding PFI, Delhi Police has focused on Okhla and Shaheen Bagh for the first time. The Delhi Police feared that there might be a protest against the arrests on Tuesday, so a 144 ban was imposed to prevent Jamia students from taking to the streets. However, he has officially warned the students and teachers of Jamia not to gather in groups. Many student leaders and political activists who were arrested during the anti-CAA movement are still in jail. He was not granted bail by any court. The most prominent faces among these political prisoners are JNU student leaders Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam, who have been in jail for over two years.

Whenever there were protests in Jamia and Okhla or during the Shaheen Bagh protest, the media ignored the presence of PFI, but the way the action has been taken now it seems that the entire anti-CAA movement was led by PFI. But it is true that the Shaheen Bagh Movement was originated by the Jamia Teachers Association.

Zafarul Islam Khan, former chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission, has said that Section 144 is anti-democratic. They say that arrests were made in the guise of PFI because the Jamia students might have been agitated, hence the arrests. Whereas those arrested did not belong to any such organisation. Imposition of Article 144 also deprives people of their personal freedom.

A Delhi Police official told news agency PTI that the Special Branch of the Delhi Police raided several places including Nizamuddin and Shaheen Bagh. So far we have arrested 30 people associated with PFI.

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Ahead of this raid, paramilitary forces have been deployed in many parts of the city. A police officer said that we have taken precautionary measures. We have deployed paramilitary forces in respective districts to strengthen law and order and maintain peace in the area.

250 people have been arrested across the country

Raids were conducted at 44 locations in various states to arrest PFI activists and 250 people were arrested in the second round across the country. About 200 people were arrested on September 22. Arrests are different in UP as in Delhi. In the last round, some clerics were arrested by the police for their association with the PFI. Similarly, Maulana from Bulandshahr has also been arrested in the second round. Similarly, 6 people have been arrested in Ghaziabad district as well.

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