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Online campaign to save Patna’s Sultan Palace from demolition by GovtAchi News

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Online campaign to save Patna’s Sultan Palace from demolition by Govt

New Delhi/Patna: The ongoing campaign to save Bihar’s capital Patna’s century-old Sultan’s Palace is gaining momentum. People have also started an online campaign against the Bihar government’s move to demolish the historic building and replace it with a five-star hotel.

Some citizens took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to call for its preservation, after which tweets began to appear in support of preserving the iconic building. Till midnight, many tweets were made on the issue with the hashtag ‘Save Sultan Palace’.

From small towns of Bihar to big cities like Delhi and Kolkata, people raised their voices against the Bihar government’s move, with many tagging Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in a tweet asking them not to demolish the building.

A person named Ram Holkar tweeted with the hashtag ‘Save Sultan Palace’, ‘Dear Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ji, very respectfully, the historical palace should not be demolished. I hope you will stop the demolition work’ he said.

He asked people to ‘question the process of demolishing historic buildings’.

Another Twitter user Sahil Rajvi tweeted in Hindi, ‘Patna has few historical buildings left. One of them, the Sultan Palace, is a unique example of composite architecture. The government has decided to demolish the Sultan Palace and convert it into a five-star hotel. Historians and civil society organizations are preparing to launch a legal challenge against the decision.

Participants in this online campaign also posted a large number of pictures of the Sultan’s palace.

Recently, historians, conservationists and common citizens of the country strongly opposed the decision and appealed to the government to protect the ‘architectural icon’ and ‘pride of Patna’.

Located near R-Block on the historic Gardiner Road (now Bir Chand Patel Road), Sultan Palace was built in 1922 by Sir Sultan Ahmed, a renowned Patna barrister who also served as a judge of the Patna High Court. He was also the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of Patna University from 1923 to 1930.

According to news agency PTI, several citizen-led pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram like Lost Muslim Heritage of Bihar, Heritage Times, Pedal4Planet also supported it and appealed to save the palace for posterity.

Many users also tweeted that the decision to demolish the Sultan’s palace was incomprehensible. Some of them suggested replicating Rajasthan’s traditional hotel concept in Patna and using the existing land in the palace complex to build hotels.

A user (@Athar09323952) wrote, ‘A plea to save our country’s heritage as these are the eyes of our glorious past.’

Quoting John Heinrich Clarke, he further wrote, ‘A people’s relationship to their heritage is like a child’s relationship to its mother.’

In another tweet, “Centre for Historic Houses under India’s leading private university has appealed to the authorities to preserve and renovate the 1922-built Sultan Mahal in Bihar capital Patna.”

Quoting former vice-chancellor of Patna University, RB P Singh, the user said, ‘How can you think of demolishing an architecturally magnificent and historic building like the Sultan’s Palace? Many historic buildings have already been demolished in the last decade.

A user (@ZiddiParwez) tweeted, ‘Raise your voice and keep tweeting #SaveSultanPalace. Please strongly support this campaign.

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