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Madhya Pradesh News: Now Mandsaur’s Gandhisagar Sanctuary will become the new home of African leopardsAchi News

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Achi News

Release Date: | Wednesday, 21 September 2022 01:30 AM (IST)

Madhya Pradesh News: Alok Sharma, Mansur. After the release of the leopards in Kuno Sanctuary of Sheopur district, preparations for the second phase have now also started. Leopards brought from Africa will now settle in the Gandhisagar Sanctuary in Mandsur. In the initial phase, arrangements are underway to bring in three male and five female leopards. After receiving the signal from Bhopal, the forest department is making necessary arrangements.

Along with the departmental staff, a team of experts has also arrived here. Experts from the Wildlife Institute of India in Dehradun have already described Gandhisagar Sanctuary as favorable for leopards. For them, the work of bringing Sidal from Narsingar started a year ago. 266 leopards were released. Now their number has increased to 350.

Gandhisagar Sanctuary, spread over an area of ​​38 thousand hectares, borders Mandsur district and Chittoor and Kota districts of Rajasthan. It was much-loved by experts from the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, who came here a year ago after the Supreme Court’s directive.

He said that since it is adjacent to the Sambal river, the grasslands have enough space for the leopards to run around. Natural resources are abundant including mountains, grasslands, tall trees, small bushes, caves, caves and water. The sanctuary has a perfect environment for all wild animals and birds.

But Kuno got priority instead of Gandhi Sagar in the first phase. Gandhisagar has now been selected under the second phase of the project to resettle African leopards. Covering an area of ​​368 square kilometers amidst the Aravalli ranges, the Gandhisagar Sanctuary has everything the wildlife needs.

They say

In the second phase, it is planned to bring 3 male and 5 female leopards from Africa to Gandhisagar Sanctuary, said DFO Adesh Srivastava. Preparing for this too. To save wild animals from road accidents, they have started the work of erecting barriers on both sides of the road.

Friendship Gandhisagar Sanctuary

Among the wild trees in the sanctuary are Ker, Ber, Palash and other species. The most important is the reservoir. About 50 leopards were found in Gandhisagar sanctuary last 3 years. Apart from this, hyenas and jackals are abundant. The rest are wild animals. A total of 225 species of birds were observed. These include several species of eagles that are rapidly declining.

Posted by: Hemant Kumar Upadhyay

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