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Madhya Pradesh Majlis Iqbal and Iqbal Library organize literary event at Bhopal Iqbal Library maht imt.Achi News

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Madhya Pradesh Majlis Iqbal and Iqbal Library organize literary event at Bhopal Iqbal Library maht imt.

Bhopal: A literary event was organized at Bhopal Iqbal Library under the joint initiative of Majlis Iqbal and Iqbal Library. In the literary event held at Iqbal Library, the famous writer of Bhopal, Dr. Mohammad Nouman Khan, spoke at length about the contribution of Bhopal writers in promoting Urdu language and literature. Dr. Muhammad Khan’s 11 books on various topics have been published so far. His research papers on Urdu language and literature are valued in the Urdu world. Among his research works is Dr. Muhammad Khan’s twelfth book on nineteen individuals who contributed to the development of Urdu language and literature.

Regarding the book, Dr. Muhammad Nouman, apart from rationally evaluating the situation of Urdu both at home and abroad, ridiculed the slowness and silence of the Urdu people. Regarding the book, Dr. Muhammad Nauman Khan tried to create a movement among the Urdu people with the title “Ugh Ya Kurshed Saman Safan Safafa Harari Harani”. On this occasion, a tribute was paid to famous novelist and journalist Neem Kausar.

In an exclusive conversation with News18Urdu, renowned writer Dr. Muhammad Nouman Khan said that the purpose of life is to develop Urdu. And as per your request, in this book we have tried to give our readers something new in terms of language and literature. Generally people try to make themselves big by writing on great artists, but my attempt is to write on the artists of Bhopal, the center of knowledge and literature.

Integration of Urdu Even in Bhopal, I have written and in this book there is a sketch of those people who have rendered their services to Urdu. Some are no longer in this world and their service to Urdu is unforgettable. I was never disappointed in Urdu. All Urdu people should fulfill their duty in a more positive way than before.

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In the program, Nafsa Sultana Anna, Khalida Siddiq and Dr. Muhammad Azam presented the literary services of Dr. Muhammad Nouman in an organized manner. Rashid Anjum, Iqbal Masood, Zia Farooqui, Badr Wasti, Malik Mehmood etc. presenting Dr. Mohammad Nouman Khan at Bihopal Artists Literary Service.

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