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Local body elections have started in Karachi and Hyderabad.Achi News

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Local body elections have started in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Web Desk: Polling has started in Karachi and Hyderabad Local Elections, Polling started from 8 am and will continue till 5 pm without any break.

All arrangements regarding local elections have been completed. Each voter casts only 2 votes for 246 union committees in 7 districts of Karachi, Voting will be held in 984 wards in 246 UCs in 25 cities of Karachi.

Each trade union committee has 4 wards, the voter must elect the general council of the district in addition to the chairman and the vice chairman, the chairman and the vice chairman will have one vote, the second vote will be a member of the general council, each union committee will elect. The association has 11 members and 6 people are directly elected in the committee.

The union committee consists of 2 women, one worker, one youth and one minority representative, and special seats in the union committee are elected by 6 members of the union committee.

The chairman of the city’s 246 union committees will be a member of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Council. Metropolitan Corporation.

The Metropolitan Corporation includes 81 women, 12 labour, 12 youth reserved seats, 12 minority, 2 transgender and 2 disabled seats in the metropolitan corporation.

The 367 members of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation elect the mayor of the city. There are 25 cities in Karachi city, each city will have an elected moderator, the vice chairman of each UC will be an elected member of the city council.

City Councilors elect women, labor, youth, minority, transgender and disabled seats. 9 thousand 58 candidates are in the field as Chairman, Vice Chairman and General Member in Karachi Division.

7 candidates were elected unopposed as Chairman and Vice-Chairman and General Member of Karachi from various Trade Union Committees. The election will not be held on January 15, due to the death of the general members and 22 candidates for Karachi division chairman and vice chairman. .

Election Commissioner Sindh said that CCTV cameras will be installed at sensitive polling stations and 8 to 10 policemen will be deployed at high-security polling stations.

He also said that Rangers will remain in the area as a quick response force.

Central District:

There are 45 trade union committees in 5 cities of central district and the total number of registered voters is 2 million 76 thousand 73. Out of 1263 polling stations in central district, 360 are highly sensitive and 903 are sensitive.

Eastern District:

There are 43 union committees in 5 towns of Zilla Sharqi, the number of registered voters is 14,54,59, out of 799 polling stations in Zilla Sharqi, 200 are said to be highly sensitive and 599 are sensitive.

Korangi district

There are 37 UCs in 4 towns of Korangi district and the number of registered voters in the district is 14,15,91. Out of 765 polling stations in Korangi, 318 are highly sensitive and 447 are sensitive.

Western District:

There are 33 UCs in 3 cities in Western District and the number of registered voters in the district is 9,9187. Out of 639 polling stations in Western District, 111 are highly sensitive and 528 are sensitive.

Kemari District:

With 32 UCs in 3 towns of Kemari district, the number of registered voters is 8,44,851.

District Malir:

There are 30 UCs in 3 cities of Malir district, the number of registered voters is 7 million 43 thousand 205. Out of 497 polling stations in Malir, 119 are highly sensitive and 378 are sensitive.

Southern Region:

There are 26 UCs in 2 cities of South District, the registered voters of South District are 9,95,54. Out of 480 polling stations, 224 are highly sensitive and 256 are sensitive.

Local body elections in 9 districts of Hyderabad today

In Hyderabad, the second largest city of Sindh, there is likely to be an election riot in the morning. 127 candidates of People’s Party, 97 candidates of PTI and 85 candidates of MQM are participating in the elections. Islami 26 candidates are also in the fray, GDA, Qaumi Awami Tehreek, JUP and other parties are trying their luck, 225 independent candidates are also contesting in Hyderabad.

Municipal elections are also being held today in 9 districts of Hyderabad, the process of submission of election materials has been completed, the workers have faced problems during the election process.

Polling related to local elections will be held today in Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Matiyari, Tando Muhammad Khan, Tindwalhir, Dadu, Thatta, Sajwal and Badin. On the other hand, police commandos including police personnel will perform their duties to conduct peaceful polls. . Voting will continue from 8 am to 5 pm without any break.


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