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Let all nations be united; If not, I will eat in a foreign country: Surya Das Achi News

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Let all nations be united; If not, I will eat in a foreign country: Surya Das

Artist Surya Dasak presents “Razen Pam Soornani Shilpi Banta” on Dudhnait Independence Day.

I am present on the independence day of Dudhnai. People’s artist Surya Das called on the people of Assam – “Foreigners, I will be consumed, I will be eaten by foreigners.” Assam’s famous mass artist Surya Daslai was awarded Rajen Palm Golden Artist of the year 2021-21 on Dudhnait 76 Independence Day. Dudnoi Rajhuwa Khelpathrat Rava Hachong Autonomous Council organized the independence day program organized by this Banta Agbarhoha is a prominent artist. The feelings and reactions of artists and media journalists after receiving the distribution.

“Banta Bahan namat hab namat hab, Aya Anchalte swadeshprem. I did not sing songs, I was a lover of people, a lover of country. If I learn from time to time, if I understand from time to time, I will have to do it in a few minutes. Teon Ahom, Teon Baro, Teon Rava, Teon Miching, Teon Tiwa will remove the narrowness of these. If the country and the nation are saved, I will do it together. I have been singing language songs in the community At this age, Shilpi Garakii mentions the joyous saying about wearing this blanket during the sunset. Manuh Bola word has become so terrible Pull human understanding Humanity is losing itself to humans I was singing for humanity, against corruption Let all ethnic groups of Assam stay united. Foreigners are trying to swallow me If not, I will eat abroad That is the call of Tekhet to all artists of the new generation, “Digger of Assam, Digger of cultural world, Digger of Assamese society, Beautiful keeper.” The dignity of Assam will be protected.” The smell of the earth, “manuh dhakhi chhon aji bahut manuh” was sung by Koi Moi with the quality of the song titled “Manuh Dakhi Chhon Aji Bahut Manuh”.

On the occasion of Independence Day, various prominent people including artists, writers, journalists are distributed by the Lagate Rava Hachong Autonomous Council.

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