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LegendACHI actress Sakina Samo’s ‘Waiting’ is all set to hit the screens on August 19.Achi News

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LegendACHI actress Sakina Samo’s ‘Waiting’ is all set to hit the screens on August 19.

LAHORE (Imran Raj) – Internationally acclaimed Pakistani film ‘Waiting’ is finally hitting theaters on August 19.

Produced and directed by veteran actress Sakina Samo, ‘Waiting’ has already received rave reviews at various film festivals including Harlem International Film Festival, Anatolia International Film Festival and Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival MISAFF.

It is a film about time, loss and growth. This is the story of a family in waiting. Looking at this family, we see the ravages of aging parents. Sickness and weakness, loneliness, neglect of children and fear of death, are ever closer. However, even in this darkness, they find reasons to live.

The star cast of ‘Waiting’ includes veteran actress Samina Ahmed, Khalid Ahmed, Kaif Ghaznavi, Adnan Zafar and young artiste Raza Ali Abid. Khalid Ahmed won the Best Actor Award at the Harlem International Film Festival for his portrayal of the father.

Expressing her opinion about the film, Sakina Samo said: “My aim has always been to create meaningful, impactful works and I try to do this by telling stories with authenticity, pathos and humour, elements of our culture. Public view. These are social issues, people, a place the world deserves to see.” I believe so. The program has a specific vision of family relationships and treatment of the elderly.”

The film is releasing from the distribution club site and arrangements are complete.

The film’s story revolves around the lives of a family member and portrays the realities and situations of everyday life in an emotional manner, said Sheikh Abid Rasheed, Executive Director, Distribution Society.


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