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KRK’s Teasing Tweet To Salman Khan Says Chiranjeevi Movie Is Godfather And Kizi Ka Haad Kizi Ki Tang Kizi Ka Bai Kizi Ki Jaan – Entertainment News IndiaAchi News

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Actor and critic KRK is often in the news for his tweets on social media. Sometimes KRK gets praises for his tweets and sometimes he gets trolled a lot. KRK is often seen poking fun at celebrities and Bollywood. Meanwhile, KRK has teased Salman Khan, Godfather Vasool and his upcoming film ‘Kisi Ka Bai Kisi Ki Jaan’ without naming names. KRK’s tweet has created a sensation.

What is KRK’s tweet?
In his tweet, KRK said, “Last Wednesday, Chiranjeevi’s Godfather released and the Hindi version of the film grossed Rs 50 lakhs. So the audience has directly pointed to his upcoming film. What are you going to do with someone’s hand? , someone’s leg? KRK’s tweet has gone viral on social media. is coming and people are reacting to it.

Sarcasm on Salman
Recall that KRK has an old feud with Salman Khan and in a related case, the matter reached the court. However, even after this, KRK tweeted against Salman Khan in different ways without mentioning his name. In this tweet, KRK also targeted Salman Khan as Godfather and ‘kisi ka haad, kisi ki leg’. Let us know that KRK is getting mixed reactions from social media users on this tweet. Some are trolling KRK and some are tweeting in support of him.

KRK is less active on Twitter after jail
Recall that KRK was jailed some time back and since then he has been less active on Twitter. Notably, in 2020, KRK had made controversial tweets against Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan Khan and Akshay Kumar. In this case, he was arrested at the airport itself. Apart from this, he was arrested in a case in 2019. KRK’s fitness trainer accused him of defamation. He has now got bail in both the cases.


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