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K Electric rejects Finance Minister Miftah Ismail’s claim – Public News Achi News

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K Electric rejects Finance Minister Miftah Ismail’s claim – Public News

Karachi: K Electric has released the details of the payment made to the Central Power Purchasing Agency from JanuACHI to June.

Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail claimed that K Electric is taking electricity from the Federation for free. The Finance Minister said that K Electric has not made any payment for a year.

A K Electric spokesperson says that during JanuACHI to June 2022, payments of Rs 63 billion were made for electricity supply.

According to the spokesperson of K Electric, by June 2022 various federal and provincial government bodies have to pay K Electric 365.6 billion rupees in terms of dues, the highest of which is 316.4 billion rupees due to K Electric in terms of tariff differential subsidy claims. are

According to the agreement between the government and KElectric, the company has to pay the receivable amount of tariff differential subsidies within 25 days. Also includes payments of Rs 290.9 billion from KElectric to CPPA / NTDC, KElectric still has about Rs 21 billion receivable from Government of Pakistan after payments to CPPA / NTDC etc.

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