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Jobs | The remaining jobs of the Mahavidharan call center staff are currently on the intervention of PawankuleAchi News

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Achi News

Nagpur. Ain Dussehra – 24 employees working at Nagpur Gandhibagh call center lost their jobs ahead of Diwali as Mahavidhan changed the contract of their call centers across the state. 27th September at the contractor of the call center here. Off. The sons had sent a notice to the employees of the company not to join the work from October 1. The workers, who had suddenly walked off the job, were all set to meet TCM Devendra Fadnavis to demand justice, but former Energy Minister and BJP state president Chandrasekhar Pawankule, after learning of the news, called to take stock of the situation.

After learning about the situation from SE Amit Paranjbe of Mahavidaran, he discussed the situation directly with Mumbai Prakashkar Operations Head Sanjay Daxande over the phone. All employees of Gandhibagh call center were asked to continue. Thereafter, on instructions from the Mumbai headquarters, the Executive Engineer of Gandhi Bagh informed all the employees to continue for the time being. This has given relief to the employees and they are confident that they will be retained by the new contractor.

Why not informed 2 months ago

According to reports, Pawankule questioned the SE that when there was information about changing the contract of the call center 1-2 months ago, why the local vendors and employees here were not informed about it. No one has an answer to this. After discussion with Mumbai operation head, instructions to retain employees came from there to SE and then to Gandhibagh EE.

EE Gandhibag then salesman M.K. Complaining to Sons about this, the seller asked 24 employees to come to work. The employees, who have thanked Pawankule, have requested to be transferred to the new contractor’s call center.

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