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Jammu and Kashmir Hearing and speech impaired Bashir Ahmed leads by example in painting and cricket jkmun snmAchi News

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Jammu and Kashmir Hearing and speech impaired Bashir Ahmed leads by example in painting and cricket jkmun snm

Bashir Ahmed Bashir, a hearing-impaired artist from Ratnipora, Baramulla Thingmarg district of North Kashmir, has been hearing and speech impaired since childhood. However, God has blessed Bashir with such strength and talent that everyone loves and marvels at him. Bashir emerged as a pen artist from being deaf and hard of hearing. According to family members, Bashir has been drawing various pictures on paper and copies since his childhood. Painting became an increasingly frequent part of Bashir’s life. These hearing and speech impaired youngsters take a pen in hand and make a surprising picture of everyone. Drawing has been his hobby since childhood.

Until now, he has created countless amazing and incredible paintings. These young people adhere to the demands of fine art.Bashir Ahmed wants to improve his skills and reach heights instead of being a victim of an inferiority complex. But until now, no one has paid attention to its potential, nor has it been given a platform to advance. Basheer works as an ordinary employee in the Gulmarg Gondola located in the tourist destination of Gulmarg.

Bashir Ahmed’s family members say he was posted to Gulmarg so that he could attract tourists from all over the world by painting here. They can also make a living, but the irony is that later on, the relevant department or government does not pay any attention to their art and they have to work as a casual employee in the gondola.

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Bashir completed his education up to 9th grade. Bashir is married with two children. Hazak, son of Bashir, says that everyone considers the house a sign of his father. He appeals to provide them with work somewhere. Family members say they have been told many times by the government that samples of Bashir’s painting will be kept in the exhibition halls, but this could not be done so far. Bashir has reserved a separate room in his house for this painting. painting, they have provided everything but paints and pigments.

He has taken countless pictures till date. The perfection of his artistry and painting is that he made a perfect picture of all the high officials or officials who came to Gulmarg. Among them many personalities are gifted Bashir Ahmed also plays cricket. He has also formed a team of speech and hearing impaired youth. Of which he himself is the captain. Bashir Ahmad is a master of every art. He wants the government to play an important role in providing rights to able-bodied and physically disabled people by filling the gaps. At the same time, Bashir’s art should also be promoted.

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