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I’m not afraid to bury anyone’s father – life and style.Achi News

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I’m not afraid to bury anyone’s father – life and style.

Pakistani actress Kabra Khan gave a blunt response to Adil Raja in a social media post.

Adil Raja took the first two letters of the names of Pakistani actors in a vlog and made serious accusations against them, based on the name letters given by ex-army officer Mahira Khan, Kabri Khan, Sajal Ali and Mehwish Hayat. Names are made up.

However, now Kabra Khan is silent on her Instagram story and wrote that I think it’s a fake video, but enough is enough, you think people like this will sit on me and raise their finger and I’ll be silent, that’s up to you. There is an idea.

The actress said that Mr. Adil Raja should provide evidence before making the allegations. If you are right and true, I have given you 3 days to give evidence, otherwise apologize in front of people. If not, I will sue you for defamation. Fortunately, I am not from here, but from England, so I will also go there because I stand by the truth.

On the other hand, actress Sajal Ali took to social media to tweet about the article and character assassination on her.

Sajal wrote on his Twitter account that the reckless disregard for moral and character assassination in our society is the worst and sin of humanity.

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