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Housewives appeared at the police station with a ‘fetus’ in a plastic container! There was a stir in the hellish incident Achi News

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Achi News,

#Lucknow: Gang rape again in Uttar Pradesh after Lekhimpur and Pilvit A pregnant housewife was gang-raped in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh The incident of Majhwan village in Bareilly It is known that the woman had a miscarriage as a result of gang rape She was three months pregnant The news of this tragic incident upset Uttar Pradesh

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It is known that the housewife’s family went to the police station with the aborted fetus in a plastic jar. Police have arrested 2 accused in the incident The victim’s husband said that the housewife went to the field to work in the field and was abducted there. The accused lived in the victim’s village It is known that the housewife was involved in a dispute with the accused over some issues The police are assuming that this incident happened because of that dispute Police officer Rajkumar Agarwal said the incident is being investigated and the culprits will be punished as soon as possible.

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Before this, on September 9, a Dalit girl was gang-raped in Pilvit, Uttar Pradesh Not only that, the accused set the victim on fire to destroy the evidence

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