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Healthy Living Study Says Social Media Is Very Harmful To Mental Health read 30 minutes of exercise benefits goup snmAchi News

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Healthy Living Study Says Social Media Is Very Harmful To Mental Health read 30 minutes of exercise benefits goup snm

Social media and mental health: Since the Corona epidemic, the use of social media has increased manifold. Digital world The use of the digital world has had a great impact on our health and our lives. With the implementation of the lockdown in the era of Corona, people are more inclined towards social media and because of this social distance has started to increase.

This sudden change affected our lives. Excessive use of social media has destroyed many interpersonal emotional aspects as well as caused deep emotional pain. Meanwhile, researchers from the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, conducted a study on the growing use of social media platforms and found out how much this change has affected people’s lives.

According to Medical News Today, the study was led by Julia Brilosovskaya, an assistant professor at the university’s Center for Mental Health Research and Treatment. The research revealed many things.

Effects of social media on mental health
The researchers said that mental health depends on two interrelated aspects – positive and negative aspects. Medical News Today discussed the study with psychiatrist Dr. Sheldon Zablo. In terms of mental health, Dr. Yablo warned that excessive use of social media weakens interpersonal bonds and can have a negative impact on a person’s mind.

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Experts believe that certain restrictions should be placed on social media. People should be made aware of the need to limit their indulgence. Along with this, it is also important to know what other sources we have besides social media through which we can feel the same happiness that we get from using social media.

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How exercise benefits the brain

Psychiatrist Dr. Yablon said exercise is recommended for almost all types of mental illness. If one does not exercise, it is said that without exercise the medicine will not work properly.

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