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Greens to support motion of no confidence in Humza Yousaf Achi-News

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Greens to support motion of no confidence in Humza Yousaf


Achi news desk-

The vote at Holyrood is expected to take place next week.

Speaking this afternoon, Mr Harvie rejected a suggestion that the move was revenge on behalf of the Greens, saying that would be an “unworthy” thought, but it was clear that the situation had hampered the party.

Asked how the Greens could work with Humza Yousaf in the future, after voting against him, Mr Harvie said: “We spent the last two and a half years, almost three years now, working’ n constructive between two political parties.

“I believe that politics is at its best when political parties look for common ground and work hard to try and make cooperation possible.

“Humza Yousaf has decided to tear up the basis for that cooperation in the future.”

Ms Slater added: “How can he work with us, after treating us like this?”

The move to support the motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister was unanimous by the Greens parliamentary group.

The Scottish Greens are the latest party to declare their support for the bid to oust the First Minister after the Bute House Agreement expires later today.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats have all said they will support it.

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If all MSPs in those parties supported the proposal, it will mean that the proposal has the support of 63 MSPs.

And if all the SNP MLAs voted against, it would mean 62 MLAs opposing it.

Alba MSP Ash Regan has set out a list of demands in exchange for her vote with the SNP.

That would mean a tie vote of 63 each way.

In that situation, it is parliamentary practice for the President to vote to maintain the status quo, which means he would support the SNP side.

Earlier Patrick Harvie raised questions about whether Mr Yousaf’s government would survive until next year.’

Asked at a hastily arranged press conference whether his party would support Mr Yousaf’s next budget, Mr Harvie replied: “Do you think the current government will be in place by the time of the next Budget?”


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