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Ganga Ghat is waiting to be cleanedAchi News

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Achi News

Kalpana Singh

– Polythene and Thermocol are scattered here and there along the river bank

Kolkata: There is a lot of dirt around the same ghats, the Sat Ghats where we celebrated the big festival of faith and reverence two days ago. Before the worship, workers from various NGOs, including the Kolkata Corporation, had cleaned the city’s ponds and riverbanks, but after the worship, the cleaning work did not take place. On the occasion of Saad, the banks of rivers and ponds where fasting women gather for worship, are now littered with debris from flowers, garlands, polythene, wood, sugarcane etc.
Dirty water pollutes water
After the Sat Puja, the pious group inspected the hills and ponds of the rivers where the Niyayavila took place for worship on Tuesday. There is heaps of mud all around. This is the position of Nimadalla and Ahridola Gods of the metropolis. This contaminant slowly enters the river and pollutes the water.
The people of the area said that…
Rohan Cha of Nimatalla Ghat area said that the administration which removed the ornaments from here did not make any arrangements to remove the garbage. Garbage sorters are definitely seen picking out the things they need from the garbage. At the same time, Meera Devi, who lives near Ahridola Ghat, said that this pollution will not only pollute the river Ganga but also cause us a lot of problems. More than 24 hours after the puja, no action was taken.
The 20th ward councilor said about the problem of dirt
Speaking to Ward No. 20 Councilor Vijay Upadhyay, regarding the mess spreading in the ‘gates’, he said, ‘Cleaning work is done twice a day. She goes. As the river level rises by 30 to 40 feet, the mountain ranges become muddy. We pay special attention to cleaning the Ghats. We have deputed 20 workers to clean Nimattalla Ghat as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given strict instructions to clean it here. Nimadalla Ghat was cleaned on Tuesday morning.


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