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Fundamentalist posts in LeicesterAchi News

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Achi News

An atmosphere of fear prevails in the English city of Leicester after Islamic fundamentalists attacked Hindus and temples. Charlotte Littlewood, a Henry Jackson research associate, revealed this in an interview with GB News. He said Hindu families in Leicester are forced to live in the shadow of terror. 9 Hindu families are displaced. They cannot even keep Hindu symbols outside their houses due to the terror of radical Muslims.

Littlewood tells the announcer that Hindus in Leicester live in a shadow of fear. They are not even allowed to keep Hindu symbols outside their houses. 9 Hindu families have been displaced due to fear. In the 5.22-minute video (50 seconds to 1.51 minutes), Littlewood said, “We saw fundamentalists on the streets chanting slogans against Hindus. These people protested against Hindu Indians on such a large scale. Hindus are very scared because of this.

Briefing on the issue, he told the news channel (between minutes 4.05 and 5.10), “The violence we saw in the streets in Leicester was called by fundamentalists. We ourselves saw 30 to 200 people taking to the streets. More than half of these were invited from outside Leicester.”

Littlewood continued, “Now when it comes to social media, there are thousands of posts from different social media accounts. In these, Hindus were asked to cut and clean. This was stated in the post. ‘Just as you wiped out Hindus from Kashmir, do it here too. Apart from this, the record stated, Crush/squeeze these (Hindu) dogs.,

Littlewood said it’s sad to see news like this over and over again. He made it clear that all this was undoubtedly done in a well-planned manner by the Islamic fundamentalist group. All of this was led by serious influencers with millions of subscribers on YouTube. These people called their community people Lester. Their next destination may be the Indian High Commission in London.

Anti-Hindu violence in Leicester

Let us tell you that a person named Adam Yusuf has been sentenced to one year imprisonment in Leicester, England for attacking Hindu people by Islamic fundamentalists. On September 18, 2022, he was sentenced to one year in prison by Leicester Magistrates’ Court after he pleaded guilty to wielding a knife in an attack on Hindu people in Leicester (which the mainstream media called a demonstration). This is the second conviction in the case in two days.

Earlier, 20-year-old Amos Noronha was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. Amos Noronha was sentenced to 10 months in prison on Monday (20 September 2022). Since August 28, 47 people have been arrested for rioting in the city. Two of them were arrested on Saturday (17 September 2022) and Sunday (18 September 2022).

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