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Eminent Writer, Translator Digant Biswa Sharma Awarded ‘Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara Sahitya Banta 2022’ Achi News

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Achi News,

‘Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara Sahitya Banta 2022’ was held on Thursday in the auditorium of Sivasag Chowali College. Dr. Digant Biswa Sharma was awarded ‘Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara Sahitya Banta 2022’ in the event.

Dr. Digant Biswa Sharma presented this partition to MP Kamakhya Palace in a solemn ceremony organized by Arunodaya Shasha Sahitya Sabha and Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara Memorial Society. There is cash of 10 thousand taka, it is souvenir, phulam gamocha, phulam japi and contact paper. “Accepting this honor at the mercy of God” expressed the feeling of Dr. Digant Biswa Sharma.

MP Kamakhya Prasad Tachai Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara gave the distribution and mentioned Garaki Achil Buli as an extraordinary personality. In addition, Dr. Mayidul Ishlam called upon students to be inspired by Bara’s example. Agvadhai Tachai is a reference to the English medium. The MP also said in his speech that “children need to learn English after primary school. English medium is very much needed. When the agitation is done, all of them have sounded the alarm in the Chief Minister. Assamese language will disappear if English medium is taught. It is a mistake for lakhs and lakhs of Assamese students. I have heard”. Rajah Mantri Yogen Mahne said in the program, “The idea that Assamese language will be harmed by learning English language is not pure”. “You need knowledge of the English language to understand the law,” added Mahan. Difficulty in maintaining concentration when learning English as a child. Minister Yogen Mahne called the speech relevant.

Eminent poet Prem Gogoi presided over the event and explained the purpose of the event. District Director Aditya Vikram Yadav, Gargaon University Principal Dr. Sabyasachi Mahant, District Public Relations Officer Jayant Mautke Dhiri Keibagaraki and distinguished guests attended the event.

It is noteworthy that the former President of Assam Sahitya Sabha late Dr. Mayidul Ishlam Bara was the first Assamese and the first Assamese Vice-Chancellor to receive a doctorate degree from London.

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